What’s the magic of the Smart bed in Winter Olympics village?Foreign athletes are full of praise, China produced must belong to the boutique

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to open, the winter Olympic village is ahead of the fire circle.Basic foreign Olympic delegation has arrived in the games village, many foreign athletes are updated personal social media, to share his fans to the games village, comfortable environment, as well as a variety of devices in a tall, and the luge shimmy – in publish a dynamic is popular network, that is our games village smart bed let foreign net friend an eye-opener!The athletes are not competing in the Summer Olympics, but the use of cardboard beds in Tokyo has raised fears among foreign athletes that the Beijing Games will be the same.The smart beds in the Winter Olympic Village are proof of what China produces.Us football player Ilona Maher was so envious after seeing Summer-Britcher’s feed that she wrote in the comments section: “This bed has a remote control?And you can switch between different modes?Isn’t it wonderful how big this bed is?”What is the magic of the smart bed in the Winter Olympic Village?Why did Summer Britcher capture the attention of people around the world when she shared her story online?Athletes can adjust the Angle of the bed by remote control, making it a more comfortable resting environment for athletes.In addition to the function of adjusting angles, the smart bed in the village has built-in sensors on its mattress, which can not only massage athletes to eliminate fatigue, but also has high-tech alarm clocks to wake them up.What’s more, the smart bed in the village can recognize snoring.If the athlete snores while sleeping, the smart bed will help adjust the height of the athlete’s head, allowing the athlete to reduce snoring and provide better sleep quality.After all, only with a good rest can you be in a better state to compete in the Winter Olympics. Such an intelligent bed is really amazing!For athletes, the winter Olympic village is like a cornucopia of treasures.In addition to smart beds, the village has high-tech entertainment facilities for athletes to relax.In terms of food, there are 678 dishes for athletes to choose from, which will be rotated every eight days in an effort to taste the variety of food during the Winter Olympics.Before the Official start of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the winter Olympic village has become popular abroad in a unique way. Athletes from all countries have taken the initiative to share the dynamic of the Winter Olympic Village, which also makes more people pay attention to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.We have to say that Chinese manufacturing is indeed the top level, which really makes Chinese people feel proud and proud.Finally, I wish our Chinese team in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games again success, for the country’s athletes are good, China team refueling!