Love outside marriage, seemingly unbreakable, eventually arrived but these two words

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All relationships, including marriage, go sour because one doesn’t say, one doesn’t ask, or one asks awkwardly and one answers perfunctorily.How many people love to death before marriage, in addition to the other side of this life is not willing to be accompanied by others, but it is just a few years of time, at the beginning of the burning love, by daily necessities.A little bit of things, can let two people dispute non-stop, and said good to each other, and eventually become cold.When a marriage is in trouble, some people will choose to calm down and clear their mind to come to their senses and find a suitable solution.While some people choose to empathize, regain their emotional home in others, and call it true love, but in fact, the love outside marriage seems to be unbreakable, ultimately can not reach these two words: interest.In the old zhao or xiao Zhao, fight the life of learning, finally get admitted to the key university, became a friend’s eyes have a bright future.Later, I met my wife at work. Compared with Zhao’s salaried family, his wife’s family is very wealthy. His grandmother’s family is engaged in business and his industry is also very large.Her mother is also a bank management, her father is also a section level cadre, so at the beginning of Lao Zhao was still worried about whether his wife would like him, but love is really difficult to say, when falling in love, where can manage a lot, even if the two people from different backgrounds, eventually came together.Ten years passed, Lao Zhao also became the company manager, life is also safe and happy, but perhaps too safe, so that he began to be more and more tired of this flat life, especially in the last two years, and his wife feel completely have nothing to say.For him, the home has become a cage, so almost every day outside socializing, is also at this time to know xiao Xin.Small new is the secretary of the company’s cooperative unit general manager, two people know in the wine bureau, although small new age is not big, can be very mature, smart and talk, the first time to meet let old zhao have a kind of heart rate accelerated feeling.Since then every time whether it is a private party, or talk about business, he tried to let each other to bring over the new, the number of times, the new is also aware of old zhao’s mind, but she did not refuse, this let Zhao see the hope.So soon after, he alone about small new out for dinner, but also gave her a necklace, is also in this evening two people determine the relationship.Lao Zhao forgot how long, never experienced the taste of love, and after being together with small new, this kind of passionate feeling came back again.When Lao Zhao fell in love with xiao Xin, the problem came, the day xiao Xin said he resigned, want to do alone, let Lao Zhao help.Lao Zhao also did not think much, think small new just want to open a small company, no longer subject to people’s management, then big hand waved to one million, but did not think small new mouth is about five million.This is not a small sum of money, Lao Zhao’s private account can not be so much money, and the family money can not be tampered with, or his wife will certainly find out about their affair.This small new urgent, see Zhao refused to threaten him, if not to expose the two things, anyway, she has chat records and photos, also not afraid of Zhao not recognize.Looking at a small new appearance, Lao Zhao found that he thought the true love, in the eyes of the small new, but is a profit-making tool.In fact, when a feeling can only be used to describe the feelings outside the marriage, it is doomed to have nothing to do with true love, because first of all, if we really love each other, will not let the lover bear the “plug in” hat, but will solve all the marriage problems, by himself and the other side together.At the same time, a person in knowing that the other side has a marriage, but also willing to and the other side will be further feelings, first of all, this person has a problem in three views, and three views is not right, how can you ask the other side to love loyalty and willing to pay sincerely?More often than not, the relationship outside of marriage is likely to fall apart when it comes to specific interests. They want more material treasures, while men feel that the other person is not worth the price. After weighing the pros and cons, they will give up the relationship for a while, and even both of them will be confused.In life, most extramarital affairs are just a pastime for married people when they are lonely, a means for unmarried people to accumulate wealth quickly.Everyone has their own definition of a good life. If you want life to be kind to you, take life seriously first. Don’t complain all the time.All feelings to the end will inevitably dull, this is everyone must go through the stage, and the so-called stability, is built on the basis of dull.Many people want to live a stable life, but they are not willing to settle, which is a paradoxical proposition in itself, so they are bound to be disappointed in the end.To see through the nature of life and marriage, and then make a choice, if really marriage makes you unbearable, might as well get together, there is no need to make things so ugly, to each other to leave a little decent, at least in the future to meet again, also can smile and greet a.