Inspur AI micromodule data center helps Xinsteel digital transformation

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Beijing, April 6, 2022 / PRNEWswire / — Angang Xinyang Iron & Steel Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinyang Iron & Steel Company”) is a key metallurgical enterprise in Henan Province, integrating steel rolling, steel making, iron making, sintering pellets, coking, ferromanganese, micro powder and power generation.With an annual production capacity of 3 million tons of iron, 3.65 million tons of steel, 5 million tons of material, 1.6 million tons of coke, 400,000 tons of ferromanganese and 1.9 million tons of slag powder, it is the largest building materials and medium and wide strip steel production base in southern Henan.It is one of the first steel enterprises in line with the normative conditions of the national iron and steel industry, top 500 Private Enterprises in China, top 500 Manufacturing enterprises in China, top 100 private enterprises in Henan Province.As the pillar of the xinyang local enterprises, xinyang steel is also facing pressure digital transformation, the wave information for the iron and steel industry to build intelligent industrial gateway and integrated management platform, using double live since the launch of hot standby, failure after repair, and networking technologies, such as on the second floor safety production monitoring and predictive maintenance applications, to ensure the high-efficiency and stable operation of the production.The efficient and reliable operation of intelligent industrial gateway and integrated management platform is inseparable from the platform construction of data center infrastructure.After full demonstration and following the principles of advanced technology, reasonable economy, safe application and high quality, Wave smart micro module is selected as an important carrier of the company’s information development in the data room of Xinsteel.The solution selects one ISC-MDC and one ISC-MDC-S product, which correspond to the central machine room and network equipment room respectively. The integrated integration concept is adopted, that is, the cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, refrigeration system, integrated wiring system, fire protection system, lightning protection system, monitoring system and other systems are integrated. Each system adopts modular factory prefabricated.This enables rapid deployment of the project and shortens the construction period to two weeks.Inspur AI micro module adopts high efficiency modular UPS system ISC-UPS200 and row level precision air conditioning system ISC-cooling.The modular UPS supports online hot swap and capacity expansion on demand. It also adopts the latest IGBT rectifier technology, and achieves 99% efficiency in ECO mode.The in-row precision air conditioning system uses near-end cooling and horizontal air supply to save 30% more energy than conventional air conditioners, ensuring overall energy saving for data centers.In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the center computer room.Singang uses INSPur intelligent AI control system ISC-AI Manager 10000 to detect and monitor the environment and equipment dynamic parameters, and connects each equipment through RS485 bus to form a network intelligent power and environment centralized monitoring system.The monitoring host has the functions of data collection, calculation and analysis, data storage, alarm triggering, alarm processing, logic control, and remote monitoring, data query, maintenance and management through WEB browsing.Integrated monitoring devices are installed in an integrated monitoring box with a height of only 7U, which provides sufficient space for other devices.In addition, dynamic management of power, environment, and power consumption can be implemented to avoid accidents in the equipment room and reduce the pressure on O&M personnel.Inspur information configures 32 inch touch screen in the data room and adds the operation and maintenance management function of mobile APP, which is convenient for users to check the real-time status of data center equipment and master alarm information anytime and anywhere.Through intelligent management, the data room of Xin Steel company has achieved unattended, greatly improved the operation efficiency, and obtained consistent praise from customers.