Buried hill, Anhui: The intangible cultural Heritage wang He Shu Xi “woven” out of the village Zhenxing Road

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Shu Mat products.Qianshan Wanghe town is rich in bamboo, our leading craftsman has the reputation of “shu Xi township” since ancient times, Wang He Shu Xi has a history of 2000 years.Buried hill in history was called Shu Zhou, shu Xi is also so named, shu Xi is characterized by no decay, no decay, thin and smooth, comfortable and durable.In recent years, Shusi Cooperative adheres to the theme of inheriting traditional weaving culture and creating weaving culture brand, and adopts the policy of “inheritance, development and rational utilization” to promote the inheritance, development and innovation of intangible cultural heritage protection.In 2018, won the bronze prize in “Anhui Province Tourism Product R&d And Design Competition”;In 2019, it won the bronze prize in “Tourism Commodities Competition with Chinese Characteristics”, won the silver prize in 2020, and won the silver prize in 2021.And in Yiwu international Forest products and Shanghai international Bamboo Industry expo twice won the gold medal.In 2020, Futeduo cooperative was granted the patent right of Shu Xi slippers by the State Intellectual Property Office, and issued the patent certificate of utility model.”The government sets the stage and enterprises play the role.” The Party Committee of Wanghe Town is committed to promoting the organic combination of traditional craft inheritance and protection and rural revitalization, and making use of the intangible heritage treasure house to increase the income of the people out of poverty in a lasting and stable way.After beautification and innovation, the ordinary farm tools used in the fields have been transformed into products such as small pail baskets, handbags, fruit bowls and tea boxes that are popular with tourists. Innovation has made this industry full of vitality.Relying on intangible cultural heritage handicraft processing, competent government departments take the lead to carry out technology transfer and skill training, and help handcraftsmen choose tutors, sites and projects.In addition to inheriting the skills of shu Xi, it provides employment opportunities for local households out of poverty, left-behind women and disabled people, driving employment and boosting income.In the next step, Wanghe Town will continue to focus on the role of cultural “supporting aspirations”, so that the Shu Xi industry can play a greater role in rural revitalization, and increase income while strengthening the inheritance and protection of Shu Xi Intangible cultural heritage.(Wu Dan Guifang Asian Reserve Beiping)