A few small and medium banks are to collect store, interest rate somewhat “adjust”?What is the annual interest rate for 100,000 yuan?

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Introduction For today’s young people, they are more planned than the older generation when they were young, and they also have their own goals and future. They know what they want. Therefore, when they are young, they will choose to save the money they earn from work for their future survival of buying a car or a house.In the past, most young people lived paycheck to paycheck and advocated refined egoism.But nowadays, more young people like to save money, some people often ask, is saving money a good habit?The answer, of course, is yes.Some people discuss on the net recently, a few small and medium-sized banks to collect storage, the interest rate has “adjustment”?What is the annual interest rate for 100,000 yuan?Especially in today’s society, housing prices and car prices are soaring, saving money is very important.What our parents can bring us is limited, and if we want better living conditions, we have to make efforts by ourselves. Buying a house, buying a car and getting married all need a lot of money.But if you don’t save, you’ll be left helpless in the face of big things.There are many ways to save money, from investing in stocks to keeping it safe in the bank.For the vast majority of people, they still keep their savings in the bank.Because the security of the bank is higher, it will not cause too much risk, although the income is lower, but it is always more profitable than putting it in their own homes.Now that the 2022 Lunar New Year has passed, we are ushering in a New Year.At the beginning of the New Year, many places are already operating, and banks are no exception. They have also started their new activities.In order to attract customers to deposit money in their own bank, many banks will choose to send gifts to attract people to deposit money.More is to send oil or rice, such as a class of daily necessities, and this year’s saving users will get more benefits and benefits, to have extra money to congratulate the people.In Our country, different banks have different interest rates. Some banks have higher interest rates, while some banks have lower interest rates.When people deposit money, they will compare, choose a bank with the highest interest rate to deposit money, and they can also get more interest.Especially after 2015, the central bank began to implement interest rate liberalization, which led to the increasing competitive pressure among different banks.For banks, deposits are a basic function, which is very important for banks to carry out all kinds of activities.Therefore, only by making efforts to attract major customers to deposit money in the bank can the bank realize the follow-up activities, reap greater benefits and maintain the orderly progress of the bank.In the period around this year’s Spring Festival, the level of bank interest rates will rise again, even more than a year ago.But for the state-owned banks, their interest rates will not change much, nor will they engage in activities and activities to attract customers’ deposits, because they do not rely on these profits, they have the state behind them.Relevant data have also shown that the highest interest rate of fixed deposit in state-owned banks can reach 3.25%, and the interest rate of high deposit amount can reach 3.35%, which is the bank with relatively low deposit interest rate among many banks.For other banks, interest rates will be higher to compete with state-owned banks and attract more depositors.Because they are smaller than state-owned banks, they will face greater pressure. If they do not advance, they will only be eliminated or even face the risk of bankruptcy.According to relevant statistics, the deposit interest rate of small banks can reach 3.45%, while around the Spring Festival, it can even reach 3.75%, and some banks that attract more customers can even reach 3.98%.Three, 300,000 principal, interest can exceed 4000 yuan?Do the calculation, if you deposit 100,000 yuan in the bank and want to earn 4,000 yuan a year, how much should the interest rate reach?The interest rate is calculated to be at least 4 percent to achieve a return of 4, 000 yuan a year.Therefore, state-owned banks are not up to such standards, and their highest interest rate is only 3.35%.For many small banks, it can become the target and choice of everyone, especially for some small scale banks, such as rural credit cooperatives and local commercial banks, although these banks are small, but the interest rate is very high.If you are lucky enough to find a good local commercial bank for deposit, the interest rate will even exceed 4%, and the principal of 100,000 yuan can earn more than 4,000 yuan a year.For the vast majority of people, the first time they have a deposit, they would like to deposit in the bank.After all, everyone’s money does not come from the wind. There will be a great risk when investing in the stock market. Many people are not willing to take this risk and prefer to put their money in the bank safely.Conclusion In the bank, there are also many choices, we can choose some minority banks, the interest rate is higher, can bring us higher economic benefits.If there is no urgent need, it can also be stored for a long time and achieve greater revenue.Today’s topic: Congratulations on having extra money!Bank interest rate up, deposit 10 thousand annual interest more than 4000 yuan?