385 km/h!The Pu-Zheng section of the High-speed railway between China and Zhengzhou has reached its highest test speed

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Top news · Henan Business Daily reporter Wang Zhaoxian, at 13:08 on February 13, 55,459 comprehensive inspection vehicles, like a silver lightning across the central Plain, ran a maximum speed of 385km/h during the stepby step acceleration of The Puyang to Zhengzhou section of The Ji-Zheng high-speed railway, realizing the phased target task of the joint test.Step by step speed increase test means to arrange comprehensive test trains to gradually increase the running test speed on the line according to the requirements of the combined test outline, until it reaches 110% of the designed speed of the line.The full length of the pu-Zheng section of The High-speed railway is 197.28km, and the designed speed is 350km/h. According to the design standard, the stepby step speed test is carried out according to the four grades of 360km/h, 370km/h, 380km/h and 385km/h, which finally proves that the high-speed railway line reaches the design speed target value.It is reported that the test trains will run at 385 km/h in both directions on February 13 and 14 respectively on the puzheng section of the Railway.Zhengzhou locomotives in order to ensure the test smoothly, selection of 20 business ability, psychological quality optimization and alignment joint-test experience high-speed drivers and technical personnel to form a alignment test team, combined with the test outline, the test scheme, line data, equipment operation key to risk assessments, such as making wi, risk control and manipulation of the cue CARDS,The data table and five-color map were drawn, which provided a safety guarantee for the smooth operation of the test.As the “last stroke” of henan’s “meter” -shaped high-speed railway network, the Ji-Zheng high-speed railway has entered the countdown to its opening.After its opening, the high-speed railway line will become a fast passenger transport channel connecting the Central Plains urban agglomeration and the Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration, which is of great significance to strengthen the transportation location advantages of Henan Province, strengthen regional exchanges and promote the economic and social development along the line.