“You can’t be too good-looking in this line of work,” said a 22-year-old girl from Jinan who became a bridesmaid.

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At a wedding, bridesmaids are usually the bride’s best friends, classmates, colleagues, etc. But did you know that bridesmaids can also become a career?# 22 year old girl today after graduating from university is engaged in the professional bridesmaid # hot topics on microblogging search triggered a heated discussion in jinan netizens miss hui hui, this year 22 years old now, has been engaged in professional bridesmaid 2 years time about when professional bridesmaid opportunity is also stems from a top university of time a chance fai fai said he studied management done part-time professional etiquette, host and then through a friendNow Hui Hui has been a bridesmaid for 12 or 13 times. She has attended three weddings every week when she is busy. The price ranges from 400 to 800 yuan.There was a street interview conducted by A TV station: some people said they could accept it, while others said they still wanted their friends to come. Hui Hui said that some people choose professional bridesmaids partly because their friends really could not come, and they would really owe a lot of favors. What are the requirements of being a professional bridesmaid?Brides have their own requirements when choosing bridesmaids, such as “lively personality or calm personality” and “not too good-looking in this line of work”. The appearance level should not be higher than the bride, and the height should not be too high.”No more than 1.8 meters.” In addition, some people also have requirements on academic qualifications, such as bachelor’s degree or higher, or Internet access, etc. In short, everything depends on the needs of customers, “Hui hui said.” Most brides will not tell their families that they are rented bridesmaids, but that they are their friends.Play the role of the bride’s best friend at the wedding. “After seeing Huihui’s story, many netizens began to offer themselves.Huihui said that professional bridesmaids usually arrive at the bride’s house the day before the wedding, and sometimes they have a rehearsal in the evening to help the bride dress up and put things away. They have to get up at 2 or 3 am on the next day, the wedding day, to accompany the bride to make up and take photos of her dressing gown.Blocking the door to greet and so on and then go to the groom’s home to stay for more than 20 minutes to go to the hotel to start the wedding ceremony in the process of the ceremony, bridesmaids should have insight, such as timely help the bride to sort out the skirt, carry the cake or toast of the plate, help pass the ring, if the emergency situation but also timely rescue, resolve the scene of embarrassment……What do you think of the “professional bridesmaid” industry?(Qilu Evening News)