The compulsory course of life is to accept impermanence, the elective course of life is to put down persistence

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The compulsory course of life is to accept impermanence, the elective course of life is to put down persistence.When life falls, please remember that you must fall to the bottom of the valley you have never experienced before you can stand on the peak you have never reached.Never worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. Do your best and prepare for the worst.But do good, ask not the future.Live in the moment!Love at first sight is such a thing, romance may not last.It’s hard to part with love over time.Do the little things at hand well before you do the big things.Don’t think small things grow slowly, a lot of times big people are relying on small things to do the best to become big people.Be well-informed and have a broad vision.Experienced the world, experienced the good, also experienced the bad, read books, contact with all kinds of people, set foot in all kinds of places.A little more patience, there will be fewer regrets.Fewer turns, more steps.The more you can’t hear, the less you worry about nothing.Less tough talk, more leeway.There is no special wind and waves in life, but the boredom of daily life.It is often the daily repetition of these things that determines our future achievements.The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they simply appreciate the beauty of life.Life is sweet, but also bitter, but can really happy life of the people, is the first to suffer.The key to achieve great things is the matter as a result, as for the process, should listen more and talk less often nod, to control his desire, more troubles due to strong, is because many openings, focus on hosts, as for everything else, don’t have to so care about, to put fresh points, a lot of things are not worth your heart.Maturity is not deliberately pursued, it is the natural metamorphosis of the state of mind, and then gradually stand at the top of the spiritual world.This is always inseparable from a special ability, thinking, in thinking of the essence, in thinking to find the fragrance of the heart.If there is no life, things have happened, then do not measure gains and losses, desperately to resist, will only let oneself lose more, in the matter itself, and there is no change.High loyalty.Leaders value employees who not only have certain working ability, but also the most important thing is that they will not frustrate the backbone of the leader, will not make small moves behind the leader, are consistent with what they say, loyal to the leader and willing to serve the leader.No matter study or work, you should have a ruler in mind, always measure their level and the level of others, do not wait until they are the bottom of the stepping stone, still do not know who stepped on you.Don’t believe people’s compliments!If you put honey on your lips, it is either for profit or for entreaty.A smile hides a knife, either to please you, or to plot you.Believe not flatterer faces;Don’t listen to sweet talk with a purpose!