Students with poor college entrance examination results often have these in common, high school students know early to avoid early

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In my work, I meet all kinds of parents, and most of them have one thing in common: they want their children to go to college.Among them some parents their own cultural level is low, eat more than the loss of culture, so do not want to children into their own footsteps.And those parents with higher education enjoy the advantages that education brings to them, so they hope their children’s future can be as smooth as their own.Nowadays, many children pay more and more attention to study. They have set ambitious goals for themselves since childhood and insist on it day after day in order to realize their college dream.But after all, everyone’s situation is different, so is learning ability.Others may finish the same exercise in an hour, but you may not finish it all morning.Sometimes, you put in more effort than others, but the results may not be as good as you want.In study, we often see many students seem not to work hard at ordinary times, but the exam results are always unexpected.Some students study hard every day, but their exam results are always unsatisfactory.This is not only true for the usual exams, but also for the college entrance examination.Every year after the college entrance examination, always a few joy a few sorrow.Some students, stable play, admitted to their target university, some students extraordinary play, admitted to their dream university, and some students are abnormal play, and their ideal university missed.In fact, students who fail in the college entrance examination often have common characteristics.Today, the teacher will summarize their common ground to share with you, I hope it can be helpful to you.Characteristic one, ignore the foundation, anxious to achieve success.In the college entrance examination, the basic questions always occupy the majority of the proportion, but many students will never understand this truth, in the review process, like the pursuit of partial no wonder questions, and ignore the basis.In exams, they often lose points unnecessarily because of their weak foundation.In addition, eager to achieve is also their common disease.Take high school English as an example, we all know that English reading and gestalt account for two thirds of the score of the college entrance examination, and these two questions are based on vocabulary, if the vocabulary is not good, it will be difficult to raise the score.But teachers see many such students, their English scores only more than 20 points, vocabulary may only have a few hundred, but want to improve their reading scores in a short time.The results can be imagined, not only a waste of time, the results are difficult to see results.Characteristic two, separate from the teacher, cannot follow the teacher’s rhythm.Every teacher has his or her own review plan and arrangement. Sometimes you may not fully agree with or unilaterally deny the teacher’s teaching, and choose to do exercises or do things unrelated to the subject in class.You may think that this will improve your learning efficiency, but it may lead to a lot of detours in your study, after all, the teacher has more experience in the subject than you do.Some students give up early because of their poor grades in one subject and choose to study other subjects in class.The short board effect is believed to be well known, so teachers especially do not advocate students to focus on one subject, if possible, it is better to develop each subject in a balanced way.Characteristic 3: Learning without plan and lack of clear goals for the college entrance examination.Many students in learning, fishing for three days and drying nets for two days, no matter what to do, always can’t stick to the end.The reason for this phenomenon is largely due to the lack of planning for study and often do what you see others do.The result of all this is nothing.If you want to study effectively, making a practical study plan is what every examinee must do.Teachers have seen many students’ goals on the desk in the classroom. Many students regard entering a university or a famous university as their goals.To know that the number of universities, quality is uneven, more than one famous university, such a goal is equal to no, and can not play an incentive role in their study.Set goals must be clear, specific, only in this way can the subconscious pull self to help overcome the difficulties in learning.Characteristics four, high vision and low hand, lack of hands-on ability.In the usual study and examination, some students’ test results are often lower than their usual performance.Or obviously seems very simple questions, but always can not do it or have a lot of unnecessary points deducted, mainly because of the lack of practice, most of the time just stopped at the surface, and did not practice.We should remember that watching and doing are two different things, the most taboo in learning.Whether it is study or examination, to come up with a result, first of all to correct their own learning attitude, down-to-earth is the absolute truth.In the study, the knowledge notes that arrange by oneself is the crystallization of one’s own mental thinking, deeply rooted in the depths of the brain, not only is to see reference books can be compared with it.Many topics, only through their own repeated practice can be fully mastered.The ancients spread that “a good memory is better than a bad pen” or it has its truth.Characteristic five, ignore wrong topic, do not pay attention to review and summary.Many students do not pay attention to the wrong questions in the review stage of senior three, do not even change the answer to the wrong questions, or just write the standard answer beside, do not sum up the cause of the error, sum up the correct method, resulting in repeated mistakes in the exam, the result is difficult to improve.In fact, the wrong questions in the review are often valuable to increase the score “mineral”, so it is better to spend time on difficult problems than to solve the problem can be solved in the exam.Usually to the exam, wrong questions sorted together, including wrong questions, their own solutions, the knowledge involved in the topic, and the correct solution.In view of the wrong topic, self-remedial reinforcement review, you can use time and energy on the blade, to prevent too much useless work.In the annual college entrance examination, abnormal students often have the above common characteristics. In the later review process, we must always reflect on ourselves, conduct self-examination on our learning behavior and habits, find problems in time and improve them in time.In addition to these operable learning habits and learning behavior, psychological factors can not be ignored.In the exam, students will inevitably encounter their own questions, this time, the psychological effect will be reflected.You know, everybody’s going to have the same questions, and they’re going to be difficult.Or you don’t know the topic, anxious also useless, the more anxious may be simple questions will become a problem.Therefore, no matter what time, students should be positive and optimistic learning attitude to face learning.-END- Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to The new round of double first-class list of education announced by Mr. Xu, a good university, what can bring you?Senior head teacher frankly said: the college entrance examination of students, often have these characteristics of senior three students, February month test 443 points, how to learn to be admitted to a good university?