Quanzhou house price dropped from 23,000 to 21,000, quanzhou house price what happened?

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Now quanzhou housing prices also began to decline, in the first half of 2021 Quanzhou housing prices rose too much, so that quanzhou housing prices in the second half of the year in the absence of second-hand housing guidance prices, prices will naturally fall.In the past four months, housing prices in Quanzhou should have dropped between 5% and 10%.Quanzhou housing prices before the highest area is the licheng district, second-hand housing listing price reached 23,000, now reduced to 21,000, a square meter down 2000 yuan, and Fengze district, second-hand housing listing price is 21,000.These two areas are also the highest housing prices in Quanzhou, which makes young quanzhou people feel pressure at a glance.Quanzhou, the property market in the first half of 2021 the wave rise, mainly by the school district room hype, have Beijing real-estate colluded with local real estate agents, together in key plot the dealer to bid up property prices, the school district room to let the school district room area housing prices rose more than 50% in just three months, then these speculators who saw prices rise to the top, put the house sell go out,Cashed out and left.Without these foreign tenants, the school district housing market naturally cold down.Later, quanzhou property market strengthened the regulation, but also let the original cold quanzhou property market accelerated cooling.Now quanzhou house price is still in high, for young people, the current quanzhou house price is too high, young people to buy a house in Quanzhou, or to be careful of some, or is the high bid.Uncle Peng interpretation of the first and second tier cities 14 five plan something to ask Uncle Peng 160 yuan to buy a column to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Uncle Peng said the property market # Quanzhou #