Henan Xixian: Finance “Spring Rain” embellish “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”

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“You xixian Rural Commercial Bank is a force. Thank you for giving us so much financial support and helping us grow bigger and stronger. We will always be grateful and maintain the love between banks and enterprises in good faith.”On March 14, Xianxian Hongsheng grain products Co., LTD., deputy general manager Liang Xinzhi and county agricultural commercial bank party secretary, chairman Zhang Xu to the planting base to see the growth of wheat, moved to say.It was spring plowing again.As the main financial force taking root in agriculture, rural areas and rural areas, serving agriculture, rural areas and rural revitalization, Henan Xixian Rural Commercial Bank always takes spring ploughing preparation as the focus of credit support, and makes adequate funds as early as possible to ensure early arrangement of spring ploughing plan and early action of ploughing preparation service, so as to ensure that there is no delay in farming time and agricultural needs.By the end of February, xianxian Rural Commercial Bank had a balance of 6.791 billion yuan in loans, among which, agriculture-related loans had a balance of 6.641 billion yuan, accounting for 97.80 percent, and accumulated financial loans for poverty alleviation amounted to 549 million yuan.”Party building + finance” to build a new service model.Xi County is a large agricultural county, since ancient times to enjoy the “granary of the Central Plains” reputation.Xixian Rural Commercial Bank attaches great importance to the general requirements of the CPC Central Committee on food security, sticks to the position of agricultural development, and actively cooperates with the county Party Committee and government to explore the development of agricultural economy with Xixian characteristics.Under the correct leadership of the county party Committee and the county government, actively docking industrial poverty alleviation policies, so that the flowing financial water flowing fertile rural soil.The bank financial visiting teams established, deep into the fields, the family farm, supply and Marketing Department, the supermarket market, farming enterprises to carry out marketing activities actively, sends the door policy, funds and services, to promote the stable development of agricultural production, achieving agricultural harvest all the year round in xixian, provide strong support to carry out the strategy of rejuvenating rural.Precision irrigation promotes the development of agriculture with local characteristics.Xixian Hongsheng Grain Products Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise integrating food planting, acquisition, storage, processing, transportation and sales. The enterprise leader relies on policy support and vigorously develops the weak-gluten wheat industry according to the planting advantages of weak-gluten wheat in Xixian county.According to the “five unified” mode of professional management (i.e., unified seed supply, unified fertilization, unified management, unified purchase, unified processing), through unremitting efforts, Moutai co., Ltd. has become one of the ten suppliers of organic wheat for wine.In order to enlarge and strengthen the local characteristic agriculture, Xixian Rural Commercial Bank actively provides the enterprise with “financial flowing water”, establishes the close and friendly bank-enterprise cooperation relationship, assists it to expand the production scale, forms the industrial cluster, and enhances the operation efficiency.Over the past five years, xixian farming commercial bank financial innovation model for poverty alleviation, adhere to the strong bibcock, creates the brand, with farmers, by “the grain and oil industry + base + poor” the pattern of “leading enterprise + cooperative + poor”, the big market closely associated with small farmers, crucial for helping out of poverty into the strong momentum, added infinite vitality and vigor for industry development,It has also provided a broad platform and strong support for the popularization of new agricultural technologies and new varieties. A total of 16 loans, totaling 98.35 million yuan, have been issued.At the same time, the bank continues to strengthen product innovation, improve financial services, precise credit support. In order to support the establishment of the “Capital of Wine and Wheat” brand, the bank actively connected with large enterprises to contract planting, tailored to the launch of characteristic credit products such as Jinsui Loan.Harmony and symbiosis, create an honest and harmonious financial environment.Since the establishment of the cooperative relationship, Xixian Rural Commercial Bank has witnessed the continuous development of Hongsheng Grain Products Co., LTD., from tens of thousands of acres of weak gluten wheat planting base to the present 160,000 acres, from the provincial key leading enterprise to the national key leading enterprise.In the next step, Hongsheng Grain Products Co., Ltd. plans to expand the construction area of weak gluten wheat base for wine use to 200,000 mu from 2022 to 2023, and build the core planting base of “National Maotai Organic Wheat Planting Demonstration Area”. Meanwhile, it will establish a technological coordination and innovation platform for Chinese wine wheat industry, and establish a stable long-term cooperation mechanism for industry-university-research.Turn weak gluten wheat from “food” to “wine”, realize “national wheat” to “national wine”, and Xixian Rural Commercial Bank will give support as always.”We will focus on the national strategy needs, in accordance with the requirements for steady agricultural base, give full play to the advantages of their services to the local economy, further optimize products, improve services, through effective financial support, and large enterprises and farmers to establish the risky times, the relationship between the efforts to make high quality customer high quality parts of the industry,Promote the creation of the name card of ‘Henan Xixian characteristic agricultural products brand’, so that the development of Xixian characteristic agricultural industry and the effect of increasing farmers’ income is more obvious, and improve the xixian Rural Commercial Bank ‘service, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, harmony and coexistence’ golden sign.”Xi County rural commercial bank party secretary, chairman Zhang Xu said.(Yu Jiang Geng Feng, Publicity Department of Xixian County Party Committee)