Have you all gained weight over the years

2022-05-25 0 By

Today is the seventh day, the year should be over.Over a year, all of a sudden fat 10 catties [tears] have and I as fat [yi fang] Chinese New Year not fat a few catties are embarrassed to say with others.New Year’s day of big fish big meat and can’t timely movement, not play cards is to see the mobile phone, can not fat?I this weight fat thin between 10-20 jins often matter, if I control, and more exercise, the weight will come down.When I was in college, I was very thin, because I liked sports, and I ran at least 10 laps in the morning. I weighed about 110 pounds, and I was 178 centimeters tall, so I looked very thin, so I should say that my body fat rate was very low.For some time after graduation has been controlled in 67.5 kg, if say this is the number on several years, I still wonder if once said is broken/yi tooth probably began in 1999, I went to read on-the-job graduate student, getting to know many of his peers, everybody together to drink, drink twice a day, sometimes soared to 200 jins weight immediately,Short half a year… [and] from 2000 began a long way to lose weight, don’t feel good when you see a thin, but when you fat to cut down on the old difficult, have been between _190 170 jins weight over the years, there will be no less than 170 jins, what methods are tried, what inedia, money spent a lot worse effect.As I get older, I accept that fat is fat. What’s the point of being alive if you don’t eat and drink?