Dream peach, dream!”February 14, will be all my holiday!”

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China’s Xu Mengtao celebrates after her match on February 14.Xinhua News Agency hair Hunan daily all media special correspondent CAI Jinyi four Olympic Games, finally in the home dream “ah…!It’s beautiful!”When the high score of 108.61 was displayed on the big screen, Xu Mengtao finally burst into tears uncontrollably. She hit the background board with her back, rubbed her eyes, and turned to look at the big screen again to confirm the result…”Thank you for not giving up and loving it!” she said.At this moment, tears, sweat, snow blend together.Xu Mengtao, one of China’s leading freestyle skiers, won her coveted Gold medal in the Women’s aerials final on Saturday night with a score of 108.61.”February 14th is a special day. I’ve decided that my wedding anniversary and baby birth will all be on February 14th!”After the game, Xu Mengtao, who had just finished an “immersion game”, had another “immersion interview”, which was very cute.Originally, because Xu Mengtao life’s first World Cup champion is in February 14, 2009;She won her first Olympic medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics on February 14, 2014.And today, is the dream peach “dream” day!Two triple jumps a day, from 101.10 to 103.89 to 108.61, every jump was almost perfect, every jump was full of energy and confidence.This is the veteran Xu Mengtao, who always acts as the anchor of China’s mixed group!China’s Xu Mengtao competes in the competition on February 14.Xinhua News Agency sent an immersion final, opponents only their own in fact, in the afternoon of the qualification process, reporters at the scene can feel xu Mengtao’s state has been full, dive, jump, air posture, landing……In one go!You can see she’s determined to win.A smooth 4.028 difficulty routine earned her a score of 101.10, sending her straight into the evening’s final.”For me, it’s zero.See you tonight!”Xu Mengtao in the end area is very excited, but also made a heart action, I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!In the evening’s final, even though defending champion Hanna Hushkova of Belarus scored 107.95, Xu emerged from the starting blocks with a steely stare as if she had only one opponent on the track — herself.A perfect set of “three backward somersaults and three turns”, steady landing.Before the start, Xu Mengtao was already fully committed to the state of the women’s most difficult routine, no one, no situation, did not affect the veteran who has 27 world champions.”For me, it was an immersive final.I’ve done a lot of mental construction, everything is in my plan, and enjoy this moment without putting limits on myself.”After the game, careless peach said, at the end of their own shout that “too beautiful” is to praise their own.”I also came to the court yesterday, but cancelled due to bad weather. Today, I have to play the qualifying match and the final match in a row, but the temperature and wind are different in the afternoon and evening, so it was quite difficult to adapt and adjust in a short time.I thought I was’ too pretty ‘for that last jump.”China’s Xu Mengtao competes in the competition on February 14.”The Lantern Festival, I want to pass luck to the men’s team,” xinhua said. “In my dream, I met Tao Gong and laughed at the world of mortals.”Is the origin of Xu Mengtao’s name.We don’t know if we have really seen Tao Gong in our dreams, but xu Mengtao is really using her four Olympic experience to interpret this point.Fall down, get up, fall again, again…This is a common feature of ice and snow athletes.For Xu Mengtao, over the past 20 years, this is not only her daily training, but also the epitome of her life.From a sixth place finish in Vancouver, to a silver medal in Sochi, to last Pyeongchang, where she was at her best and missed the final round by mistake…Even four years ago, Xu Mengtao also released a “no gold medal will retire”, but she still remembers, 12 years old when the first knowledge of freestyle skiing oneself said that — “I want to practice it, the future for the country glory!”On February 14, champion Xu Mengtao of China presented the trophy ceremony.Over the past 10 years, Xu mengtao has undergone four major operations in which nearly 70 percent of her meniscus was removed, but she always managed to get back up after each fall, Xinhua reported.Physically and mentally, this is destined to be a sport for the brave.”I just want to show off my best jump and my competitive form,” Xu said before the Beijing OlympicsI was to fight, take it, take it is not bad this time failed.”However, after she won the silver medal in freestyle aerials, some netizens noticed that Xu mengtao looked down at her silver medal several times, as if confirming its color, and then shed tears at the corner of her eyes.Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, after the game when a reporter asked peaches how to spend the festival, she did not hesitate to say: “THE Lantern Festival I want to pass my luck to our men’s team, I hope they can break through obstacles, open the fight, they celebrate together!”Zhangjiakou, Hunan Daily, February 14 (Edited by CAI Jinyi)[Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]