All together!It took him 62 years to get home, since he was lost at the age of five

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“I didn’t expect to find a home in my lifetime. I have no regrets!”February 25, nearly 70 years old Mr. Wen (pseudonym) and his wife, accompanied by police, came to Lingchuan County Tanxia town Dayi village Committee, reunited with his brother.It took him 62 years to get home, since he was lost at the age of five.62 years later, he returned home. “Here he comes, here he comes…”On the morning of February 25, in Dayi Village Committee of Tanxia town, Lingchuan County, qin’s family stood on the roadside early and kept looking at the direction of the car.Mr Qin, 71, was excited to meet his long-lost brother.In the police and baby home network volunteers accompanied, Mr Wen walked into the Qin home, brothers meet, two hands for a long time do not want to let go.”Here you are, we’ve been thinking about you…”Mr Qin covered his face and wept.▲ Mr. Wen (middle) meets his brother and sister-in-law.Guilin City public Security Bureau criminal investigation detachment, Lingchuan branch of the police scene to the brothers read out the existence of kinship.”I can tell from my eyes and nose that my dad and my uncle look alike. They both look like my grandmother who died.”Mr. Qin’s daughter told reporters.Although the brothers have been separated for more than half a century and have little memory of their youth, the Chin family still feels close to them.The young and old eagerly set out their meals for a celebration and a belated reunion dinner.▲ The police read the explanation of kinship to the two brothers.Mr. Hope Moon told reporters that although his id card lists his birth year as 1955, he does not know the exact date of birth.According to the two brothers’ memories, there were three siblings in the Qin family. The elder sister was born in 1948, and the second brother, Mr. Qin, was born in 1951. Mr. Wen was the youngest, about 4 years younger than the second brother, and was born in dayi Village Committee of Tanxia Town.In 1960, Mr. Wen was accidentally lost at Guilin North Railway Station and later adopted by a kind couple.His adoptive parents had been very kind to him, and he knew he was not his own.When he was young, Mr. Wen jumped the queue in Lingui and came across a man who said he looked like someone very much.At the time, he did not care and did not ask more questions, and later regretted missing a possible clue to find his biological parents.Mr. Wen rode his bike around Lingui for a long time, but could not find any information about his family.In Mr. Wen’s impression, he has little memory of his hometown. “I remember that my mother once carried me on her back, and there is a river near my home. My mother once carried me to play by the river.”After his adoptive parents died in 2007, Mr. Wen set out to find his biological parents.After retirement, he devoted more time and energy to it.In 2016, he went to the local police station for help. Warm-hearted police officers helped him register relevant information online and assisted him in registering relatives on relevant websites.In 2018, babyhomecoming volunteers contacted Mr. Wen and launched more efforts to help him find his loved ones.With the launch of the “reunion” action in 2021, Mr Wen, who has been looking for relatives for years without success, has come to hope.In January 2022, the information of Mr. Wen was compared. The police of Lingchuan County public Security Bureau visited Mr. Qin house by house and collected their information before the Spring Festival.In mid-to-late February, the good news came that their relationship was confirmed.At noon on the 25th, before having the family reunion dinner, Mr. Qin took his younger brother Mr. Wen to the mountains near qin’s home to burn incense on the qin family’s ancestral grave.”My brother has come home at last!Mr. Qin kept saying this over and over again.▲ Mr. Wen and his brother worship their ancestors.Mr. Wen said that although his biological parents had long since passed away, reuniting with his relatives was his greatest wish for many years.In the future, the family will have more contacts and cherish the hard-won reunion.▲ The brothers sent the flag to the police to express their gratitude.