Agtech, get to work

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“Please wear masks, keep one meter apart and show your health code and travel code.”At the gate of Hangzhou Aike Technology Co., LTD., all work goes on in an orderly way, and employees line up to enter.Aike Technology is a special intelligent cutting equipment manufacturing high-tech enterprises, February 8 is the company after the holiday to start the day, the company more than 400 people, the post rate reached 76%.In order to work smoothly, safely and orderly, the company has done its homework.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the wechat group of Aike Has never been idle, with everyone performing their respective duties and working separately.Keep abreast of relevant epidemic trends and epidemic prevention policies, pay close attention to the situation of company personnel, and respond at any time.During the holidays, some of the young people in the company could not go home because of isolation. After learning about this situation, the leaders and administrative staff of the company often communicated with them through phone or wechat to ease their emotions, relieve psychological pressure, and strengthen their confidence to stay rooted in Binjiang.As the epidemic gradually improved, the company also ushered in the formal start of the notice.On February 6, two days before the start of the work, the human Resources department of the company has done a good job of tracking the situation of the staff of each department, who can normally come to the post, who are still in home quarantine, who are in centralized quarantine, who still have problems in the post and so on.”We still have 13 people in concentrated isolation and 26 at home.The company personalizes their attendance and work.”The person in charge of the company introduces that the company cancels the absence of these employees, arranges things that can be carried out remotely for the work content, sales or after-sales post personnel, and appropriately arranges the relevant work for other personnel according to their work attributes.Those who are unable to work due to limited conditions will not be asked to do so.On the first day of construction, the production staff will receive “open the door red envelope” on time.Not only that, the human resources department collected the statistics of everyone’s travel documents for the Spring Festival, and reimbursed the fare.Before the official start of work, all employees also attended the “first class of work”, where the relevant person in charge explained production safety and fire safety and emphasized the requirements of epidemic prevention and control again.”The Spring Festival of 2022 is special and unforgettable, but the speed of Hangzhou makes all of us who work and live in Hangzhou feel reassured.In 2022, we will continue to work hard to achieve great achievements together!”Writing by Zhang Lei Editing by Liu Ziyin