Name and dress like Japanese good wife, played the heroine 9 times are not popular, in fact, is a native of Fuzhou

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These years, my friend’s little Baby Berry, “catalpa” in the name of the baby, is not too many?For example, “Zi Xuan”, “Zi Rui”, “Zi hao” and so on.Later afraid is a primary school, the class has half of the students are called what catalpa, silly silly points not clear.And actresses in the entertainment industry, in order to break out in the world, will also choose a more memorable name.It’s just that the actress introduced today, because of her name, has not been popular?Name and dress like Japanese good wife, played the heroine 9 times are not popular, in fact, is a native of Fuzhou.Le Cold knowledge warm tips wow: more closed eyes, rest, drink more water, more sweet smile, more exercise, remember the winter “more blink and smile” ha!”This article is about 1067 words and takes 24 seconds to read!”Figure is only estimate, 3 tone read the person fierce!Today’s introduction of the actress, is Zheng He Huizi, although not red, but the play received soft.Many people will think that Zheng Hekeiko is an authentic Japanese wife when they hear her name and the way she dresses.Well, it’s not.Far from being a Japanese wife, she is a native of Fuzhou.It just sounds like a Japanese wife, that’s all.Unfortunately, many people can’t even remember names.Over the years, she has brought classics such as Centimeters of Love, Under the Skin, You Are My Glory and Song of the Moon.She played the leading lady nine times, but she never made it.In particular, Zheng He Huizi and Bai Jingting together in the summer Solstice, so many years have passed, still make a lot of people impressed.Name dress like Japanese good wife, played the heroine 9 times are not red, in fact, is a native Fuzhou!In Summer Solstice, Jeong Hye-ja is just a girl, but she acts like a heroine.Many people watch the drama just to see the moment when they sprinkle sugar and the romantic love story between bai Jingting and her.Although she has had a series of hits in recent years, most people still know her through the summer Solstice.The reason why Jeong Hye-ja chose such a name is also very simple.The name is a double surname, given by my grandfather.”Zheng” is the father’s family name.”He”, from the mother’s name homonym.And “hui” means virtuous and virtuous.However, “Zheng Hehui” feel strange, so behind added a “son”, turned into zheng Hehuizi.~ happy cold knowledge: the name is dressed like a Japanese wife, played the heroine 9 times are not red, in fact, is a native Fuzhou!”~ The family wanted Jeong hye-hye to be strong as a boy, so she got this strange name.In fact, over the years, many fans have wished she’d changed her name to something more down-to-earth.However, jeong hye-ja was “very moved but still refused.”After all, it is the love and hope of her family, so she will not change her name.Everyone’s name contains the family’s hopes and aspirations for their children.In fact, in addition to Zheng Huizi, four word people also have many, just a code name, we do not have to care too much.Do you think Jeong Hye-keiko is not popular because of her name, or because of other reasons?…What do you think about this?Welcome netizen to leave a message in the comment area, hot discussion, discussion, exchange.*6 more * Midnight inspiration, 13 to 46 hours to create oh, remember to like ha!Creation is really not easy ah, a small praise, is my motivation!This essay by 2 love to cry, 3 love to make, 4 love to laugh, love to play “music cold knowledge” original.164 line ^ small writer ^, hoping to win 3740 likes.* Star * experience, story, daily life, found 1 knowledge, 2 beautiful, 3 love.Part of the content is only for old fans to appreciate, praise, appreciate, appreciate.If you can favorites, forward, comment, “follow”, etc…Next time may be more exciting, cough!It’s just, whoa, whoa, no, no, no!