Lanling King legend 33: West City gao Su not discerning goods, crazy emperor Gao Yang play cross-dressing

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Legend of The King of Lanling: Roles and Introduction 32: The Seven Brothers wandering in Xishi Ye Capital west City is really busy, the wide streets are an endless stream of people, the hustle and bustle.Fortunately, gao Su and others are more than eight feet of young adults, slightly a tip-toe, see a pile of people around the distance should be a variety booth.Read can spout fire acrobatics, high su and others went next door to see the magic of the Western regions.When Yang Wenwu heard the cheers, he turned his head and saw a naked woman wrestling on the other side.He quickly covered his eyes and peeped through his fingers.Yang Shuyi pressed his shoulder, turned his body around and said: “Sanmao, there are many people in the street, you and Sixi together, don’t get separated.We’ll meet at the end of the street in an hour.”Ancient women sumo Yang Shuyi originally saw too many people on the street, they are easy to get separated, decided to separate action.He divided the other brothers into two groups, and he guarded Gao Su’s side, exactly four groups.Kosu thought for a while and separated his four followers, leaving only Ox Ali by his side.In this way, there are only three people in each group, so it’s easy to look out for each other.Yang Shuyi was two years older than Gao Su, but much calmer.Kosu seldom goes to the market and finds everything new. From time to time, he points to something and asks curiously, “Brother Shuyi, do you know what this is?”Yang Shuyi had been to Jiankang with his father, but some knowledge, ordinary things or recognize, one by one patience for Gao Su answer.After a while, they came to the door of a bookshop. Gao Su remembered lady Zheng’s love of reading and went in.He walked around the store and didn’t know what book to buy for Lady Zheng, so he asked the boss directly.When the owner of the bookstore heard that he wanted to buy books for his wife, he asked, “Do you want to buy books for your sisters?””My fiancee,” Kao Su replied shyly.The boss glanced at him and went to the shop to look for a book.Soon he embraced several books come back, introduce a way: “these several books are recently little girls popular see the book of words, sure your fiancee like.”He pushed the last copy to Gao Su and said in a low voice, “This one is specially for Mr. Lang. Be careful not to be seen.”Gao Su saw the cover of “pure Yang bao Pu Gong” five characters, curious to open a look, saw two small people fighting, and the master to his martial arts secret book is very similar, hurriedly close the page, whispered to ask: “such secret book still have?”The boss shook his head and said, “Now the State of Liang is at war, but I am very not easy to get from Jiankang.””Originally is the secret book of liang country, pardonable master had not mentioned this name”, gao Su suddenly realize, put the book into bosom, “good, I want, still have those words this all wrap up.Alex, you pay for it.”Yang Shuyi did not see the cover, curiously asked: “What secret book?”Gao Su hissed and said in a low voice, “This is the secret book of your state of Liang. We will look at it when we go back.If brother Shuyi has not practiced, we will practice together.”Wait for niu a li to pay the money, two people are about to leave, suddenly heard someone Shouting outside: “run, the madman came out again!”The boss heard the shout, hurriedly way: “the guest hides in me first here meeting, wait for madman past again come out.”High mood.The three of them didn’t know what was happening, but they didn’t dare to go out again.The portly proprietors closed their doors with unequalled agility, and led the three of them up to the second floor of the shop, shutting the street Windows.”Boss, there are dangers out there,” Yang asked.I have some brothers out there.”The boss looked out at the street through the window and shook his hand. “Nothing, even if your brother has no time to hide, as long as he doesn’t talk, it’s nothing.”He said so, Yang Shuyi more anxious, because Yang Wenwu is a like disorderly talk.Just in Henan palace, if it were not for high four lang, and king Gao Yanzong will not easily let go of him.”No, I have to go out to find them,” Said Yang Shuyi, who was about to go downstairs.”You go out now, and we’ll all die!That maniac is already down there.Open the door now, and our whole house will be killed.”Gao Su frowned, “In Ye Capital city, who is so bold, dare to kill innocent people?”He, too, went to the window and looked down. In the street below, there was a swaggering woman surrounded by guards.As Kosu guessed the woman’s identity, the man looked up.Kosu took two steps back and almost fell.That woman in the street was dressed as your Majesty!If Kosu had not seen your Majesty so often in the past six months, he would not have recognized this painted ‘woman’ as your Majesty.When the group had disappeared at the other end of the street, the boss let go. “Okay, it’s all right,” he said.Yang Shuyi worried about his brothers’ safety and hurried downstairs.Kosu and Niu Ali followed.They ran to the end of the street and saw several brothers waiting there. Yang shuyi was relieved.The brothers all said they had seen other passers-by hiding and had followed them, not knowing what had happened.After a while, the brothers all came, only missing Sanmao, Sixi and attendant Zhang Sanhu.There are still a lot of pedestrians in the street, Yang Shuyi worried about an accident, and several brothers separately to find people.Gao Su said: “Brother Shuyi, if someone has an accident, there will be officers and soldiers here.Since there is no, sanmao and four xi did not have an accident.If we go separately, we’re not familiar with this place, so we might as well go together in case someone makes trouble.”Yang Shuyi also feel rational, with nine people became a square to go to the street direction again.On his way to Luoyang from the State of Liang, Yang Tianshui taught his sons and nephews what he knew about the art of war in order to resist the disorderly army.So the Yang brothers, who had been through the fighting, seemed more experienced than the three minions.In the phalanx of nine, Niu Ali was the biggest, leading the way.Gao Su is in the middle and Yang Shuyi is in the back.At each corner, the four Young brothers on either side dispersed to the shops and asked questions, while the rest stood guard in a cross formation.After two blocks, finally asked sanmao et al is to the left side of the alley.A few people look toward the alley, there is a “bet” word signboard is very conspicuous.Two egg angry tunnel: “SAN MAO won’t be to wager square?He likes to throw dice.”The nine headed down the alley.At the gate of the gambling workshop, he looked up and saw the four characters “Lin’s Gambling Workshop” written on the plaque.At this time, has been seldom talk of Yang Liuer suddenly opened a way: “SAN MAO is inside, I heard him talk.”Two eggs praise way: “six ears, or your ear is good.”Gao Su saw Yang Six er one eye, heart way: A niang said as expected right, Yang brothers is really hidden dragon crouching tiger.Since three hair is inside, nine people also no longer hesitate, walk toward wager square inside.King of Lanling