You don’t have to leave home to enjoy a barbecue. Gey electric grill lets you cook easily

2022-05-23 0 By

At the end of the year, it seems that there will be only one person to celebrate the Spring Festival this year. However, even if there is only one person to celebrate the Festival, we should make our favorite food, not only to eat well, but also to pursue a more beautiful life.I believe that watching your favorite TV series in winter while eating delicious kebabs, with a glass of wine, will make your life full of happiness.So how to make a delicious barbecue at home, my choice is this electric grill from Gei brand, let’s take a look.Accessories with manual warranty card, and special power supply lines, almost 1.5 meters of length of the line design, practical or good.To complete the connection, the size of the roasting pan is more than 50cm long and 30cm wide, which can be said to be very wide. 30 small chicken wings can be placed in the pan at the same time, easily enough for 3 people.Built-in coating upgrade, light oil and less smoke.The interior is designed with an oil guide groove and an oil leak hole to discharge excess oil.Copy the edge of the insulation effect of excellent insulation materials, the overall light and easy to deformation, easy to take.The design is divided into two layers, the bottom with oil pan, the excess oil is collected at the bottom.Side with product parameters label, 1500 watt power design, meet the needs of barbecue.Knob temperature control design, adjustable from room temperature to 220C.Rinse the electric baking tray before use.Wipe clean after opening preheat, this time can brush a layer of oil.A lot of people don’t cook well because they put the meat on first and then brush the oil, so this is very important.Place the skewers and chicken wings in turn, it is best to treat the meat into thin slices.I take it straight out of the fridge and it takes a few minutes to defrost from the ice.For novice grills, don’t start on the highest heat.It’s going from small to big.Advanced stepless temperature control design, baking pan everywhere the same temperature, meat is heated in the process, squeaky oil.Automatic constant temperature technology, lock food umami.The whole barbecue process is only a few minutes, there is too much oil in the pan to timely sweep into the oil leakage tank, generally barbecue first, and then roast vegetarian vegetables with meat fat, one time can meet the barbecue portion of several people, let you easily enjoy more delicious.The pan is completely non-stick and not easy to burn, golden brown, crispy and tender, and there is no obvious black smoke, making it much more sanitary at home than outside.Completely flat bottom design, in addition to grilling, can also be used for frying eggs, steak, heating bread, making sandwiches and other gameplay.Rich meat skewers with a variety of vegetables, mushrooms, sprinkled with barbecue sauce, with small wine, ethereal aroma mixed with cumin, accompanied by several meal episodes, and distant family video, life suddenly burst with happiness.