Thousands of visits per day!The first Internet hospital has had a remarkable effect

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China News Network Beijing, April 7Beijing (CNS) — The Capital Institute of Pediatrics held an Internet hospital press conference on Monday, saying that the hospital has so far served 238,000 patients and delivered 145,000 medicines to 328 prefecture-level cities in 31 provinces across China, with a daily volume of about 1,000 patients.An Internet hospital press conference was held at the Capital Institute of Pediatrics on April 7.According to the report, after the outbreak of THE novel coronavirus in 2020, the First Children’s Institute coordinated the work of regular epidemic prevention and control and high-quality development of the institute, minimizing the impact on people’s normal medical treatment, and speeding up the construction of the Internet hospital.In June 2020, the first children’s clinic passed the evaluation of Internet diagnosis and treatment, and opened a one-stop service of “online return visit, prescription issuance, and home delivery”.In October, it passed the “Internet +” medical insurance qualification assessment and became the first children’s hospital in Beijing to settle online real-time medical service fees.In April 2021, the first Internet hospital was approved for completion.The Hospital has nearly 600 online registered doctors, nurses and pharmacists, covering all clinical specialties, and 64 online clinics, including 11 expert teams and workshops, and 3 specialized clinics.Up to now, it has provided 238,000 patients with follow-up visits and 145,000 drug deliveries, covering 31 provinces and 328 prefecture-level cities in China, with a daily treatment volume of about 1,000 patients.At the same time, the medical association, specialist alliance, counterpart support units and other medical institutions of the First children’s Institute have simultaneously carried out various forms of remote services, including remote joint outpatient service, remote consultation, remote multi-disciplinary joint consultation, 5G+ remote surgical instruction, remote training and so on.According to the first children’s Institute, the hospital has developed specialized services of Internet hospitals in combination with its superior disciplines, extending more high-quality medical resources online.Outpatient service for chronic diseases such as children’s inflammatory bowel disease, hypertension and diabetes effectively promotes patients’ compliance and helps doctors manage patients’ whole course of disease.There are 18 nursing clinics, including children’s respiratory rehabilitation, asthma management and newborn care, which meet the needs of children’s home care and continuous care after discharge and speed up the recovery of patients.Specialty clinics, such as genetic counseling and anesthesia evaluation, highlight the advantages of combining scientific research with clinical practice and reduce the back and forth of patients before admission.Doctors at the Capital Institute of Pediatrics perform Internet diagnosis and treatment.Gu Qinglong, deputy director and spokesman of The Hospital, said that Internet hospitals are an extension of physical hospitals. Compared with the traditional doctor patient “face to face” mode of diagnosis and treatment, Internet hospitals provide patients with “screen to screen” mode, breaking the limitation of time and space and expanding the scope of medical services.In particular, during the epidemic period, children can enjoy the high-quality medical services of the first children’s center at home, which saves time and economic costs for patients in other places, and improves patients’ sense of access to medical treatment.Gu Qinglong introduced, through the Internet outpatient service, patients can consult directly to the doctor online, prescribe drugs, in addition to special drugs.”For example, in addition to medicines that need to be frozen, other medicines can also be delivered directly to the home.Also recently opened a Chinese medicine yinpian distribution services, the doctor also can online issue of various inspection checklist, such as blood routine, mri, CT, ultrasound, etc., also can open the bandage diagnosis and treatment of the online application form, and we can intelligent system to calculate the optimal reservation period, let patients up to run a concept.”First son of qing-long gu said that in the future, will continue to adhere to the purpose of the construction of Internet hospital, combine children ZhuanBing features and advantages, combined with the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology, promote the medical service more wisdom, more convenient, more security, realize the online organic fusion, complement each other, promote each other, to provide children with the whole life cycle of health services.(after)