Overseas highlights of Winter Olympics athletes: Live up to the Olympic spirit, thank you Beijing

2022-05-23 0 By

While the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have dominated the front pages of mainstream media around the world since the opening ceremony, they have also continued to dominate overseas social media platforms, with some popular athletes and their “highlight moments” becoming the focus of intense coverage and discussion among overseas media and netizens.Chinese skier Gu Ailing won the women’s freestyle platform final on Sunday, prompting many foreign netizens to comment and like on twitter. “Congratulations!She deserves it, it’s great!””Congratulations!The last jump was unbelievable. “” Congratulations Gu ailing!Win a gold medal in your home country.The Wall Street Journal reported, “She won a surprise gold medal in her debut at the much-anticipated Beijing Winter Olympics and won the hearts of the audience.”The website of Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao also carried a big report on the same day, and commented that Gu “won the gold medal in her debut show, and the future can be expected!”According to the New York Times, Gu is “one of the stars” of the Games. “She is friendly, modest and thoughtful — all traits that have made her popular with fans and rivals, including her former American teammates.”Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan competed with Jin Boyang of China and Chen Wei of The World Championships in the men’s figure skating event, which attracted the attention of foreign media.Eurosport, a European sports channel, said the battle will be one of the highlights of the Winter Olympics.Japanese netizens are also looking forward to the competition.When watching Chinese fans cheering for Japanese players such as Hanyu, Japanese netizens said, “Thank you, Chinese fans, please take care of us,” and “It is easy for people to support truly talented players beyond their borders. As Asians, we feel close to each other.”Another Japanese user commented, “What a sports event should look like is divorced from politics. I hope China and Japan can enhance mutual understanding.”Japan’s Kyodo News agency also said, “Beijing is the first city in history to host both summer and winter Olympics.As the omikron strain spreads around the world, China aims to host a “simple, safe and exciting” Winter Olympics, with thorough prevention measures.To this end, Japan sent 124 athletes, the largest number to participate in the Winter Olympics abroad.The Japanese edition of businessinsider quoted a spectator as saying, “it was cold at the stadium, but the organizers provided warm facilities and the volunteers were polite and smiling, which made our hearts warm.”With major events in full swing, overseas netizens also left messages on overseas social media platforms to express their best wishes for the Winter Olympics.”Chinese players are really good!” said Japanese Internet user Yunjian in response to Li wenlong’s tweet.It was a good win.””Higher, Faster, Stronger, thank you Beijing!” said Bernadette.(overseas network Wu Qian) copyright works, shall not be reproduced without authorization.