Is the Beginning really worth an 8.2?

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What’s so good about the Beginning?Poke video short video | inter-disciplinary talent, Chinese olive | end “beginning” total net play, watercress 8.2 points.Are you satisfied with the outcome?How did it end in your mind?In any case, “The Beginning” has taken audiences into a “circular” world, and “Canon,” in particular, will make some of them feel the same knee-jerk reaction as Li Shiqing (Chiu Jin-mai).Three days after its premiere, the number of views has exceeded 100 million. So far, the number of views has exceeded 1.2 billion, and the average number of hot searches for each episode has exceeded 20.Not only that, drama has been bought overseas broadcast rights, more network transmission plans to film version.Without a doubt, The Beginning is the biggest show to start 2022.The broadcast effect is good, many audiences applaud for this, and even sigh that the drama is underestimated, should have a higher rating, while digging the details of the drama one by one;But there are also some audience frankly overpraised, this kind of circular flow theme works, not as refined as the form of film, but now let the story become protracted.So, does the Beginning deserve this rating?We asked xiao Ke, who likes the show very much, and Xiao Dou, who thinks the show is overrated, to talk about the Beginning.”Infinite flow” is certainly a topic that The Beginning can’t get around.The so-called “infinite flow” is actually the hero and heroine to complete a certain task, keep returning to the original space and time, death and resurrection, until the task is completed.The concept is not new, as many viewers have pointed out that movies like Groundhog Day, Source Code, Happy Death Day, Run Lola, and Edge of Tomorrow are all similar, as well as the Chinese movie Yuwan Wan and the TV series Doomed.While “The Beginning” doesn’t strictly fit that premise, there’s no denying that the high concept acts as a hook that pulls viewers in and keeps some of them engaged.In Xiao Ke’s opinion, this concept is not the focus of the Beginning.It’s more like a mystery created by the creator, asking the audience to find the murderer and the story behind the murderer.Like the films in the setting, most of the first will surely loop through a single space, reinforcing the idea of infinite flow.Instead of telling viewers directly that there was a bomb on the bus, “The Beginning” reveals each new circumstance, from the alleged accident to the confirmation that the bomb was detonated unprovoked when there was no accident, confirming that the suspect was a passenger on the bus.Of this kind of story step by step, it is drama follow-up, Li Shiqing and Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting is acted the role of) check car passenger, lead passenger backside story to make matting.Dou felt that this kind of introduction, but affected the show’s narrative rhythm.He agreed with some online viewers’ interest in revealing the plot, which was made clear by the presence of two well-known actors, Huang Jue and Liu Dan, on the bus.Not only that, but the show emphasizes from the start how Huang jue’s driver was rated as advanced in the past, and how he reacted to the situation.Of course, “The Beginning” doesn’t go out of its way to hide who the killer is.At the beginning of the fourth episode, when Li Shiqing calls out that there is a bomb on the bus, the explosion develops immediately. Some frame editing is done in the shot, and it can be seen that a pair of hands are pulling the pressure cooker.The fourth integrates a turning point in the Beginning, which leads the so-called infinite Flow to the search for the killer.There are details, but for the audience who are “revealed”, the plot will be less surprising, and the overall pace becomes slow.After all, the beginning’s next turning point comes in the eighth episode, when Liu Dan’s tao Yinghong is really exposed.From episodes four to eight, and then to the tenth, the protagonists looped through the story, checking on passengers and digging into their own humanity, which was a plus, but a bit too long for the main story.Xiaodou put forward this point of view, has indeed become a lot of audience for the plot rhythm problem of a doubt.In Xiao Ke’s opinion, it’s not the case in The Beginning that matters, but the humanity behind it that is the most interesting part of the show.Drama is different from movies, in terms of the overall single drama, it can involve more story content.Because “The Beginning” is 15 episodes, it can spread more content, driving the audience to explore each person on the bus, and this kind of excavation of human nature, in fact, the production fang Midday sunshine is best at.After the bomb and the killer are revealed, “The Beginning” tells the back stories of the unremarkable people on the bus.This kind of narration is not a single one, but also the service audience’s exploration of the story behind the driver and Tao Yinghong.In the later stages of the show, including the beginning of the fight between the hero and heroine, it is actually a demonstration of human nature.In fact, the choice between “save your life” and “save the whole car” in episode 8 is intended to highlight this point.In addition, in the 10th episode of the series, when the hero and heroine asked for help from passengers on the bus, each character also had a clearer personality under the foreshadows of the previous events, which made their behavior more convincing.But this form in xiaodou’s view, it seems that is not the best present.The narrative Angle of the Beginning, from the perspective of the hero and heroine to the passengers, tries to convey a concept of “understanding” to the audience in many aspects.Why in the beginning of Li Shiqing cry for help, why someone will be indifferent.For example, the old farmer with watermelon was afraid of going to the police station at first. Only in his subsequent story line did the audience realize that his past experience would cast a shadow on him.This understanding is also hidden in the confrontation between the police officer and the hero and heroine.People in the real world, of course, have a hard time understanding the concept of “circulation”.The drama relies on each story told, so that “understanding” itself has a soul.The idea of the drama is good, but this kind of promotion directly leads to the low efficiency of the narrative, and finally, the story of each character can only be told in the middle of the drama in the way of unit drama.This kind of narrative transition lacks sufficient impetus, so the tense atmosphere created at the beginning of the story turns into a warm route, and the fragmentation of styles will weaken the impression.If it can be shown as a film narrative, it will be much more compact than the traditional TV narrative.This rhythm is also missing in the male and female leading roles as “circulators”.The first ten episodes of the series, the two experienced more than 20 times after the cycle, and did not really give enough useful information.But starting in episode 11, the pace picked up significantly, and this episode was the third pivotal turning point in the series.But from there, the story leaves most questions unanswered.Why did the driver and Aunt Pan blow up the bus?Is there an answer to the story behind it?Can the hero and heroine be freed from the cycle?What kind of life will the passengers on the bus have after liberation?Each character in the series has experienced nearly 5 episodes of groping before they really find their value and position.The hero and heroine begin to present themselves as “circulators” and get involved in the whole thing, beginning to solve these puzzles for the audience one by one.Although “The Beginning” will have a lot to tell, and the current 15-episode series can be seen as an effort to become a high-quality short drama, overall, the narrative style of the story, as well as the pace, there is still a lot of room for refining.In fact, both Xiao Ke and Dou think the Beginning has a lot to be positive about in terms of creation and expression.Even if it still has some progress, it does not affect that it is still a work of high quality in Chinese dramas.As to whether “The Beginning” is worth an 8.2, each viewer has his or her own score.Perhaps it will serve as a model for future high-concept dramas, how to better tell the story while also getting into the hearts of the audience.Well, it would be a good start./ Lottery/congratulations mXF2022, micro-face people won the movie peripheral (please private message small telegram gentleman receiving address)/interactive/do you think “the beginning” is good?Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: