In a single mother’s love, liking is not the most important condition

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Halfway through “Half-Baked Lovers,” we finally have a one-on-one heart-to-heart talk.1. What Does long-distance relationship Teach us? In this issue, we start the night chat mode and have in-depth one-on-one communication.Yang Mengjing about Wang Nengneng, and Tong Yao about Yu Yue.After Yang mengjing raised questions, Wang said he was most impressed by a long-distance relationship.It lasted three and a half years.Since the girl was in Guangzhou, Wang often went there to see her at work.But in the end, most long-distance relationships end badly.Talk about that unforgettable feelings, can say at that time feel like the sky is falling.Yang Mengjing tentatively asked the woman’s character, can answer that the other side of the surface hee hee ha ha, but in fact the heart is very care about him.And that feeling also let can understand, the feelings of the simpler the better.After finishing, Nengneng added that although I like simple girls, I also need to have feelings.If there is no feeling, even if that person meets the requirements of “simple”, it does not mean much.But apparently Yang mengjing did not receive the important message that Wang nengneng implied that she had no feelings for you.And has been active rational woman Tong Yao also about Yu Yue, hope to have a further understanding of him after the first date.When he graduated from college, Yu yue and his girlfriend both went abroad.In a foreign country, and finally because of the distance, girlfriend chose other people.It was this relationship that ended due to practical reasons that made Yu Yue, who did not like to express her love with words, realize the inevitable reality in love.Only words without actions of love, how pale.In school, we always think that “I love you” means all sincerity.A good morning good night contains all the consideration.But in fact, after truly stepping into society, life has just begun.Mature love requires a lot more than that.It requires two people to warm and nourish each other in daily life. It also needs to encourage and promote each other in the face of difficulties and setbacks, and then grow together.In Yu’s own words, over the years, he has become less and less inclined to talk and more willing to act.On the beach, when Lola yelled out her adorable need to eat two poached eggs every morning.”I can fry fried eggs,” Wang said.Yu Yue, across the crowd, smiled and kept this sentence in her heart.So the next morning, he got up early to make fried eggs and put them on the table.His affection for Lola had been there ever since.Only for Lola, who had been married before.The wounds are like scabbed wounds.Even if sealed dust, but also left a shadow.So she’s reluctant to talk too much about the past, because it doesn’t do much to heal wounds.It’s one thing to lick your own ass behind closed doors, it’s another to go around telling people about your unhappy past.The biggest adult lie is thinking that when you say “nothing”, you really mean it.But the word “nothing” is the greatest strength I can give.2. Lola, a single mother, told Yu Yue and Wang Nengneng that she had a baby.Both of them said they did not mind.Yu yue’s response was “I quite like children”, but when Laura told Wang Nengneng about this, she obviously had more details.In front of Wang Nengneng, she could not care so much about the reaction of the other side and say the most true words in her heart.When she went on about how she despised herself after early marriage and early childbearing.Wang nengneng pressed her arm, indicating that she didn’t have to say any more.Sweet Wang can always protect the girl’s fragile self-esteem.”My family, my friends and myself don’t care about it at all,” he said firmly.At this time of Laura, had already passed that like to listen to sweet words of age.And as a single mother, yearning for love, she does not know how many others have experienced the enthusiasm of confession and quietly retreat.”I love you,” “I don’t mind,” god knows how many times.The difference between Wang Nengneng and Yu Yue is that.Wang Neng Neng had a family, had children.He understands that in the family we are more likely to face a storm than a storm.But the gossip of aunt and aunt, and friends’ speculation and advice.When you’re 20, you think love can resist “everything”.After the age of 30, I have learned more about the power of “everything” in love.Perhaps only Wang Nengneng, who is also a single father, understands her feelings better.Children’s feelings, other people’s opinions, boyfriend’s family’s attitude, these are important factors that affect their future relationship.Wang nengneng’s words gave her a more practical sense of security.Later in their date, Wang was able to talk about his glamorous past.Sell your house and car when your business fails.Broke, living in a three-square-meter living room.Pull a cloth curtain, a person hide in the quilt cry.The shared feelings of similar life experiences and the difficulties of raising a child alone can’t be easily replaced.As we get to know each other.Wang Nengneng and Laura in the heart of each other, perhaps have a more important position.3, little woman Zhou Nan’s love view in the time limited love variety.Each day, this group of 30-plus men and women actively or passively develop a deeper understanding and perspective on their predecessors.Some are more certain, while others recoil.With Zhou Nan had two dates of Wang Yucheng, in the night chat link still chose her.Talk about oneself only feeling experience, Zhou Nan is immersed in the recollection of opposite party completely, perlike a pair of little girl appearance.When she says, “I don’t even have to twist the bottle cap myself,” with a happy, shy look on her face.Wang Yucheng surprised even pupils are enlarged.Perhaps no one is willing to receive a message to take care of each other at the very beginning of their acquaintance.For a man, a real life partner.She can be gentle or delicate.But most of the time, they need, is to build a sweet harbor partners, and common against the wind and waves of comrade-in-arms.Not a fairy who needs to be looked after all the time.I don’t think Wang Yucheng slag, also don’t think Zhou Nan is very.After all, everyone has a choice in life.Yang Mengjing’s catch up is the choice, Tong Yao’s rational sober choice, Zhou Jinshun clear Luo Ying mind after the polite exit is also a choice.Just like Wang ziwen said, we are all really nice people, honest, lovely and alive.One day, Zhou Nan may meet someone who takes care of her and is happy to twist bottle caps for her.When sending friend circle finally, Wang Yucheng sent small composition.Euphemism expressed his hope to see other girls into the cabin after the mentality.And to this kind of euphemistic expression, Zhou Nan understands mistake completely.Like her, she doesn’t understand that men are much less hesitant than women.In love, all temptation is for certainty, and all vacillation indicates withdrawal.See Zhou Nan after watching circle of friends happy reaction, Wang Yucheng probably realized that each other will be wrong.At the end of the program, he said generously, then will take the initiative to find Zhou Nan to clear up the misunderstanding.At this time has the heart of Wang Yucheng to Laura, what kind of love offensive will be launched on Laura!And so far alone Zhou Jinshun, Yang Mengjing, Zhou Nan and where to go!Listen to other people’s stories and gain insight into the meaning behind them