“Huhuahua world” Shanghai first exhibition drops into Nanjing Road, inviting you to welcome spring

2022-05-23 0 By

Recently, Shanghai Shimao Square joined hands with trendy artist Wang Dong’s new cutting-edge play IP MICCO, bringing a new “colorful world” MICOO LOVE magic city first show airborne shopping mall east L1 atrium.Inspired by “flowers”, the exhibition integrates concepts such as pop-up shops, handicraft workshops and creative interaction to create a colorful “colorful world”.MICOO, the “host” of the flower market, was created by Wang Dong, the famous author of original picture books in China. With her quaint little eyes, crafty and mischievous smile and unimaginative ideas, she can always make people find the most authentic self and original intention. Therefore, she is loved by many young women who pursue independence and yearn for a better life.The exhibition, with pink as the main color of spring, brings four scenes of “MICOO theme area”, “Flower area”, “potted area” and “Style area”, making consumers feel as if they are in a gentle sea of flowers.The versatile MICOO stands in every corner of the exhibition area, with colorful flower shapes scattered at random, sending out a romantic atmosphere of spring. It is an exclusive punch card spot not to be missed.In the exhibition area, consumers feast their eyes on more than 100 kinds of flowers. They can choose exquisite bouquets or potted flowers to pack “spring” home and “spend” their thoughts to enhance their happiness.In addition, in the face of the repeated epidemic, Shanghai Shimao Square has actively implemented epidemic prevention and provided online delivery services in a timely manner to meet the needs of consumers to the greatest extent, bringing warmth to citizens under the “haze of the epidemic”.From now on, we will cooperate with 27 restaurant brands in the mall to customize special packages and bring contactless delivery services together with “Ele. me” APP platform.In terms of epidemic prevention and management in public Spaces, shopping malls have also been fully deployed to prevent the virus, regularly clean and thoroughly disinfect public areas every day, and check the temperature of all staff before work to ensure the safety of every consumer.