Winter Olympic Games on the 8th watch guide: 10 gold MEDALS out, Gu Ailing gold, Hanyu Yuanyu debut

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Beijing time on February 8, the Beijing Olympics in a fourth title race day, today will be born 10 gold MEDALS, are the most common one day decide the gold medal in the games, the Chinese team has a gold MEDALS, GuAiLing big platform gold, whether to let a person look forward to, and the man skating, high-profile Japanese pop feather raw knot string for the first show, we wait and see!On February 7th, the Chinese team won one gold medal and two silver MEDALS. Ren Ziwei won the gold medal and Li Wenlong the silver medal in the 1000m short track speed skating competition, while Su Yiming won the silver medal in the men’s slope obstacle skill competition. Yesterday’s competition was a day of gains for the Chinese team.Ten gold MEDALS were awarded at the Winter Olympics today, two in snowboarding, one in biathlon, one in speed skating, two in cross-country skiing, one in curling, one in bobsleigh, one in freestyle skiing and one in alpine skiing.China’s first gold medal came when Gu Ailing won the platform. Gu is not her strong suit, but she prepared a difficult move and was the first woman to complete it with the “Double Cork 1440”.The second gold medal event is speed skating, Ning Chung-am will be against Kroll, Mantia, Kim Min-seok attack!The problem is that Ning Zhongyan is the first time to participate in the Winter Olympics, experience is obviously less than the above several people, we also expect a miracle to qualify, strive to stand on the highest podium.In today’s competition, figure skating will be the most attention of media users on a stage, because the Japanese king Yuzuru Hanyu will debut in the official competition, he will and the American player Chen Wei staged strong dialogue, who can win in the short program, I believe the world’s netizens are concerned.Competition Time:09:15 Winter Olympics Men’s single short program Kim Boyang/Yuyuu Hanyu — figure skating 10:00 Winter Olympics women’s big jump freestyle skiing final round 1 gu Ailing 10:22 Winter Olympics women’s big jump final round 2 Gu Ailing 10:45Winter Olympic Games freestyle skiing women’s big jump final round 3 Gu Ailing 18:30 Winter Olympic Games speed skating men’s 1500m Ning Zhongyan