Why didn’t China win the gold medal immediately?Officials announced the reason for the kindness, but also received five ice blocks

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After the Beijing Olympics in 2022, the new increase of short track speed skating finals, men’s and women’s 2000 – meter medley relay by the fan can be new, QuChunYu, let all and Wu Dajing representative in China, with 2 minutes and 37 seconds 348, for the Chinese delegation in the first gold medal of the games, this is the first gold medal of the Olympics are short track speed skating project.In the semi-final, we were only ranked third in the group, but because the baton was blocked by the Russian Olympic team, the referee reviewed the video and judged the Russian Olympic team and the American team to foul, the results of the two teams were cancelled, and the Chinese team was able to enter the final.Many people lamented that it was lucky that this was our home stadium. Recalling the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, we suffered from many controversial decisions by the referee. This time, at home, the referee was very careful and gave a fair decision after reviewing it for many times.There was drama in the final when Hungary and Canada collided and fell, leaving both teams kneeling on the ice with desperate eyes.Qu Chunyu and Ren Ziwei helped The Chinese team to occupy the leading position, the full attendance of Wu Dajing physical decline a lot, the Italian players play hard to catch up, even in the sprint almost to catch up with Wu Dajing, a lot of audiences are surprised out of a cold sweat, but Wu Dajing defended the last pass, thrilling first hit the line!”We did it!” Fan gushed for the camera as the Chinese players hugged each other in celebration.This is a clean gold medal, this is the gold medal to show the courage of the Chinese people.Then, Fan Kexin cried thanks to the motherland and the leadership, because she choked up even once out of breath, Wu Dajing was too funny, he quickly helped his teammates to take off the mask for a change of air, that scene is really let a person smile tears!However, Although Wu Dajing smiled and comforted the elder sister, but when it was his turn to make a speech, he could not help but cry out, said that these 4 years is too easy!Fan Kexin cuddled with him to comfort each other. It was so touching!After the game, some netizens also raised a question about one thing, why we did not see the award card after winning the championship?In fact, this is a very thoughtful tradition. Because of the cold weather during the Winter Olympics, MEDALS will only be handed out to the athletes at the venue after the games. MEDALS will be handed out later in a designated medal area.Therefore, it is not that there is no gold medal, because the scene is too cold, we have to wait for other related events to finish the competition together!Medal winners, however, were each given a special edition of Ice Dun Dun in a brief post-race ceremony.Want to know now outside but “a trick difficult to seek”, The Chinese team all of a sudden was given 5 ice pier pier is really envying!