Spring Festival I work | Spring Festival does not stop the project construction busy

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Live Sunshine on February 4 news during the Spring Festival, our city a number of key projects to grab the construction period, catch up with the schedule, the project builders give up the time to reunite with their families, change the “holiday” for the “construction period”, accelerate the project construction, seize the opportunity for the development of the Year of the Tiger.Early in the morning of the third day of the New Year, Wang Shun, the technical director of the project of Kaiyuan Senbo Holiday Park, came to the project department and discussed the work of the day with his colleagues.Wang Shun said, each area of the soil is different, when driving piles must control the depth of the pile into the rock, keep within the design range.As the project is located near the sea, there is a lot of mud at the bottom of the ground, and most of the mud is backfilled by the building, which is relatively loose, the project construction is facing great difficulty. Wang Shun and his colleagues constantly optimize the scheme to ensure the quality of the pile foundation is qualified and the safety is up to standard.”We prepared a specific construction plan in advance and optimized the drawings based on actual construction conditions and design communication.”Roy said.In the process of project construction, technicians need to check the progress of the project, test the construction quality, conduct joint review of drawings and technical disclosure, and inspect each area, which takes nearly an hour.”In charge of technology, we need to pay attention to a lot of things every day. Some problems must be predicted and judged in advance. We arrive at the site before 7 o ‘clock every day.Roy said.Rizhao Kaiyuan Senbo Holiday Park project is a key cultural tourism project in Shandong province attracted by Rizhao City. The project will be started in March 2021. Up to now, about 800 piles in hotel area, dormitory area and log cabin area have been completed, and the earth construction is about 20,000 cubic meters.Rizhao New Century Sen Park project manager Liu Xiyao said that most of the project department is young people, they take the initiative to sign up for overtime in the Spring Festival, the project department’s cohesion, combat effectiveness are very strong, the problems encountered in the construction, can be promptly and quickly solved, for the comprehensive construction after the festival laid a good foundation.The project of Rizhao Weigang Milk Product Processing Park located in Lanshan District also adjusted the construction period reasonably during the Spring Festival holiday, and accelerated the earthwork of shift building, liquid milk workshop and corresponding supporting projects.In the project site, mapping, excavation, supervision and other staff to perform their respective duties, orderly promote the project construction.Zheng Shiyu, head of Weigang Milk product processing yuan Project Department of Rizhao Chengtou Construction Group, introduced that up to now, earthwork excavation in shift building area has been completed, and foundation replacement and independent foundation construction are under way.Rizhao Weigang Milk Product Processing Park project focuses on creating high-end liquid milk products, with an annual output of 90,000 tons. It is expected that the annual sales revenue will reach 550 million yuan and the annual profit and tax will reach 12.65 million yuan.The project is planned to complete the shift building and the main part of liquid milk workshop by the end of June 2022, and complete all construction tasks and have operation conditions by the end of December.Zheng Shiyu said that they adhere to the “inverted construction period, wall chart battle, wall chart supervision war”, by day to week, week to month, month to year, to ensure that the project construction efficient, safe, quality promotion, to ensure the project delivery on schedule.(Zhuang Shiqi, Rong Media reporter of Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION Station, Cao Xianshen)