Byd “Palamela”, BYD Han hunting edition appearance, the appearance of sports, than audi domboyant

2022-05-22 0 By

Byd han in the domestic market positioning is very clear, is a large size coupe c-class cars, models for the younger generation of consumers, and in the large size of the coupe models, hunting and travel version of the model has a high attention, and is representative of all porsche palmer lamela, right now, byd han hunting version also gradually appeared,The overall appearance is more sporty and fashionable, compared with the Audi RS series station wagon is more aggressive, so this MODEL of BYD Han sporting-suit can be called BYD Palamela, compared with the standard version of the overall performance sense is stronger, bringing a more prominent visual impact.Byd han hunting hunting version of a new generation of byd han edition models with porsche palmer lamela appearance similarity is very high, before the model face is standard coupe modelling design of the whole line is very movement, at the same time use the more big size wheel, core, and the design of the tail is the models showed hunting edition models of movement and performance,The through-through taillights are still recognizable.This time, BYD launched a hunting version of the model, bringing a stronger product force, while providing consumers with more choices, some time ago, BYD han appeared in the convertible version of the model, this time BYD Han model category performance is very rich, become the current domestic market of the same level of models among the outstanding.Byd Han’s new hunting version of this time will also use the latest generation of super hybrid system, so that the vehicle’s endurance performance and power performance can be in the forefront, become the latest generation of BYD’s luxury sedan models, mainly for the middle and high-end young generation of consumers.Conclusion: The emergence of a new generation of BYDY-Han chase version models makes this model officially become the representative models of the sedan car series, and the overall category is very rich, for most young consumer groups, have good attention, are more in line with the aesthetic and car standards.