Tian ‘e accurate “portrait” for 371 cadres

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To strengthen the daily management and supervision and inspection of honesty and self-discipline of leading cadres, since last year, Tian ‘e County for 371 towns and villages, units “head” and leading team members to establish a clean government file,Input personal appointment and dismissal, relevant report, annual report on duty and integrity assessment, complaint reporting, and violation of discipline and law information, comprehensively grasp and comprehensively evaluate leading cadres’ performance of their duties and integrity and self-discipline, accurate “portrait”, help daily supervision.The county commission for discipline inspection committee insists on connecting the combination, to “head” and “TianE county leadership members of the archives management system (try out)”, the cultivation archives collection each process strictly controlled, perform a person a, set up paper and electronic archives, requirement of leading cadres in the position to adjust or major change in personal information,In the organization of personnel department below adjustment changes within 30 days from the date of the latest “Tian ‘e County leading cadres clean government file registration form” reported to the county commission for Discipline inspection commission for the record adjustment.At the same time, strict confidentiality discipline, without approval of any units and individuals are not allowed to consult the archives of leading cadres against corruption, unauthorized disclosure, alteration, copy and damage to the archives of clean government behavior seriously investigated responsibility.In addition, the discipline inspection and supervision organs updated the archives in time.”The clean government archives comprehensively reflect the leading cadres’ complaints and complaints and violations of discipline, so as to provide proof of clean government more accurate and powerful.”Mo Chunwen, director of the party style supervision office of the county commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision, said that clean government archives “information base” to make the clean level of leading cadres more strict, effectively prevent “problem” cadres “sick” promotion or evaluation.Incorruptible archives are not only personal “incorruptible id card”, or the “barometer” of cadre supervision.The county commission for discipline inspection of the prison by use of the archives to the daily supervision of cadres, as a cadre, recommend, assessment, evaluation and post appointment, post adjustment, as a important basis of review and guided leadership democratic life, carry out patrols, conversation enquiry, govern review etc. Provide relevant information.Once the problem is found, take early warning measures in time to prevent it.According to statistics, since the establishment of the clean government archives, the county commission for Discipline inspection and supervision through the collection of archival information collation and combing analysis, investigation problem clues 1, put on file 1, reference clean government files issued by leading cadres clean government identification 89 people.”Clean government archives are like a mirror, always reminding party members of the leading cadres to clean work, clean life, can not leave a stain, it is a reminder, but also a kind of protection.”The county commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee chief said it would stick to the built, with good integrity, file as an important supervision gripper, on the basis of the “building”, strengthen “tube and use”, give full play to the integrity, file affection “record”, supervision “barometer”, the cadre of “o”, power precision efficient supervision.Mouth Shi Xilan