Shaanxi Market Supervision Administration launched the special action of “lighting up e-commerce in 2022”

2022-05-21 0 By

In order to standardize the business activities of online trading operators, fully implement the responsibilities of the platform, protect the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, and strengthen the long-term supervision mechanism during and after the event, Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau launched a special action of “lighting up e-commerce 2022” from April to September 2022.Through “shining the light, shining the certificate, shining the rules and shining the promise”, we will standardize the behaviors of platforms, operators within platforms and e-commerce operators who sell goods or provide services through self-built websites and other online services, and effectively protect consumers’ right to know and make choices.The special action requires platform operators to continuously publicize platform service agreements and trading rules at prominent locations on their platforms, and clarify their rights and obligations in terms of access to and exit from the platform, quality assurance of goods and services, protection of consumer rights and interests, and protection of personal information.Implement the obligations of qualification verification and registration of platform operators.At the same time, operators on the platform are required to continuously publicize the main body information and relevant administrative licenses, and individuals on the platform only need to make self-declarations if they engage in convenient labor activities and sporadic and small transactions that do not require licenses in accordance with the law.The special action requires market regulatory authorities at all levels to take the initiative to disseminate knowledge of relevant laws and regulations to online trading operators within their jurisdiction, and to publicize ways to safeguard online trading rights to the public, striving to form an atmosphere in which the whole society cares about, supports and coordinates online trading supervision.To fully embody the principle of “prudent” inclusive of new forms, the required basic law enforcement officials first found no light according to rules, LiangZheng, bright, bright “commitment”, according to the law on administrative punishments “minor illegal and harmful consequences and corrected in time for the first time, you can no administrative punishment” clause, no administrative punishment, and actively guide enterprises in accordance with the law of compliance management.