Precocious pigeons have several characteristics

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At present, the competition is mainly about young pigeons. Pigeons have to participate in pigeon racing when they are still young, so many pigeons are precocious.Precocious pigeons do have an advantage.So if you want to choose a precocious pigeon, you can look for these characteristics.First, home fly takes off fast, takes off early.Early maturing pigeons and late maturing pigeons usually differ by a few days.The difference is just a few days, but it shows that the precocious pigeons mature physically and mentally faster, and then mature more quickly.Second, pigeons moult early, and young pigeons start moulting earlier.The first moult is also an important indicator of how quickly a pigeon matures.Some pigeons even have hair on their necks when the same precocious pigeons are already moulting.Third, they mature earlier, so they can pair faster.Precocious pigeons tend to mate faster.But the general advice is to pair pigeons off after they are a year old, when they are fully mature it is better.So precocious pigeons mature faster in all sorts of ways, so they have an advantage in competition.