Open the dead-end road, increase the supply of parking Spaces, transformation of non-motorized lanes……To cure the congestion, Wuhan made a move

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Zhuye Mountain, Changqing Overpass, Yuehu Bridge, Hankou Railway Station, Yuli Village overpass, Optical Valley Luxiang Turntable, fruit Lake…The most congested roads in Wuhan will all be transformed this year.On April 7, the General Office of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government issued a notice on handling the “No. 3 Proposal of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference”, proposing the goal of improving road traffic operation, increasing the proportion of public transport trips, alleviating traffic congestion at important nodes, improving the traffic environment around schools and creating civilized traffic travel environment.The road mileage of Wuhan is 6,302 kilometers, and the number of motor vehicles reaches 4.119 million, ranking eighth in China. Among the eight cities with more than 4 million motor vehicles, Wuhan is the only city that does not have limited driving, purchase and license plate limits.The geographical location of the two rivers and three banks makes the area across the river and lake become a natural bottleneck, and the river crossing flow in the main urban area has exceeded the design flow of bridge and tunnel by more than 3 times.Hanghang Road overpass, Huangpu Street, Xudong Street and other road sections connecting these river crossing channels, Zhuyeshan overpass of the second ring Road, Hankou Railway Station, Fruit Lake Tunnel and Yuehu Bridge of Hanjiang Avenue that run through the main urban area have all become the traffic jams that Wuhan people most want to avoid.The relevant person in charge of wuhan city public security bureau said that to ease traffic congestion, improve residents travel experience, from 2021 congestion index of the highest ranked 20th place, accident alert the greatest concentration of 20, citizens reflect the most prominent 20 sections, selected the 10 long-term blocking points, 10 periodic plugging point and N short-term plugging point,The 10+10+N blockages will be targeted this year.On March 24, the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) carried out research on the city’s control of traffic jams this year.In addition to the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Committee, the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and other departments have also announced a series of measures to control traffic congestion points, closely cooperate and jointly manage, and establish a social linkage and coordination traffic congestion control system.According to reports, Wuhan has a shortage of 620,000 parking Spaces, and some parking Spaces are not properly planned or appropriated. Queuing for parking has become one of the main reasons for the congestion of “Three circles”.The city’s urban management Commission said it will upgrade the “Wuhan Parking” platform this year to increase the effective supply of parking Spaces and make parking more convenient and quick for car owners.In order to solve the last kilometer of public transportation, the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau completed the transformation of no less than 70 kilometers of non-motorized lanes this year, to achieve the fine construction standard of “barrier-free, zero height difference, reasonable clearance, clear line marking, safe passage”.The municipal Urban Management Committee focuses on solving the problems of shared bikes silting up, occupying motor vehicles, non-motorized lanes and blind lanes, so as to improve citizens’ slow driving experience.The Municipal Urban Construction Bureau will “micro-transform” 7 sections including Tongji Hospital section of Jiefang Avenue and Changqing Overpass, clear out 129 “dead-end roads” within the three-ring road, build 54.7 km of sub-branch mileage, improve the road network shortcomings in Nanhu, Houhu, Baishazhou and other districts, and improve road network efficiency.Urban management, landscape and other departments promise to implement road cleaning, wine, greening and other off-peak operations;Construction departments urge construction units to standardize the construction operations of road occupation;Emergency management will improve the emergency response mechanism for road traffic incidents.It is understood that this year’s blocking point governance will widely solicit opinions from all aspects, around traffic congestion intersection, arterial road, loop, “three circles” (business circle, medical circle, school circle) and tourist attractions around the road, according to local conditions, formulate specific plans,Comprehensive area traffic brigade site survey opinions, traffic management big data analysis and judgment opinions, social collection of “golden idea” opinions, governance member units comprehensive transformation opinions, expert analysis and demonstration opinions, a point by point plan, and detailed list, wall map operation, deadline completion.The traffic management department of public security will establish “one map, one table and one plan” for the blocked points point by point. The treatment plan will be studied once a week and the progress of the blocked points will be evaluated once a month, forming a closed-loop management of “research, delivery, supervision and conclusion”.And promise to the society: every congestion will see the police, do the point with police sparse, on the line with police patrol, disorderly point with police.To ensure the realization of the goal of “reducing and alleviating long-term congestion points, significantly improving frequent congestion points, and orderly maintaining short-term congestion points”.This year, the fight against congestion will be integrated with the fight against chaos and risk.On March 16, general office of the municipal government issued “on further deepening the comprehensive work of electric bicycle traffic order notice”, for electric bicycle “normalized, systematic, intelligent tube as a whole”, in accordance with the “standard, strength unabated, better” requirements, all the streets, all functional departments should do their job, manages concertedly,We must resolutely adhere to the “six uniform rules” and strictly implement the “ten must be checked” in the “four key areas” and 100 key intersections.In addition, the governance of “100+N” dangerous road sections and “10+10+N” traffic congestion points are the same this year’s “Municipal Government work report” commitment target, through the governance of 100 accident prone road sections, N new urban areas national and provincial roads through the village through the town hidden danger point, the maximum elimination of road traffic safety hazards.Editor: Qi Wenrong Media Reporter: Xi Wei WANG Weijie Correspondent: Jiao Xuan Editor: Li Jiajing