“Master” project!Shandong has accelerated the certification of teachers’ majors

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Recently, the Education Department of Shandong Province issued the notice on Accelerating the work of teacher education certification, which put forward clear requirements on promoting the connotative development of teacher education, improving the quality of teacher education professional training, and speeding up the work of teacher education certification.Comprehensive standard normal class professional certification is the first step on the “notice”, stressed that the relevant colleges and universities should deeply grasp the “student center, output oriented, continuous improvement,” the idea of promoting all professional control certification standards, strengthen the construction of teachers to certification requirements to carry out to the course teaching, the teachers troop, evaluation, funding for the work.All teachers’ majors should be guided by teacher professional standards and teacher education curriculum standards, firmly establish the “main line” and “bottom line” consciousness of certification work, and solidly carry out self-evaluation and self-construction, to promote construction, to promote reform, to promote strength.The provincial Department of Education will supervise and urge all colleges and universities to achieve the first level of professional certification standards.Accelerate the promotion of the second level certification of teachers major “notice” clearly, the relevant universities should carry out a comprehensive self-evaluation of teachers major according to the second level certification standards, priority to recommend the construction of significant results of the major to apply for the second level certification.In the stage of on-site examination, “normal university students’ basic skills test” is added, focusing on the students’ “three words and one word”, multimedia courseware making and other teaching skills.Teachers who have passed the second level certification should establish and improve various evaluation systems, maintain the certification status during the validity period of the certification, and continuously improve the quality of talent training.Before 2025, the provincial Department of Education will complete the adjustment of the layout of teachers majors according to the second level certification.Actively support declare professional third level certification of teachers “notice” requirements, the relevant colleges and universities to mark the third level certification standards, and thorough going efforts to promote the teacher’s ethics cultivation, training mode, curriculum teaching, cooperation practice, faculty, quality assurance, etc comprehensive reform, establish and improve the personnel training system based on output and efficient mechanism of promoting the quality of continuous operation.We will actively support colleges and universities to apply for the third-level certification of teachers’ majors, and give certain financial rewards to those who pass the third-level certification, so as to create a number of high-quality teachers’ majors.”Notice” requirements, the relevant colleges and universities to teachers professional certification work as a “master” project, into the overall development of the school planning, the construction of schools, schools (departments), professional, teachers to participate in the joint, the linkage of the working mechanism, compaction of responsibilities and tasks, with the certification concept and standards to reshape the education and teaching system,We will effectively improve the quality of personnel training and encourage and support colleges and universities to actively establish national normal education bases.Colleges and universities should increase their investment in the construction of normal majors, and their educational facilities and professional teaching resources should meet the training needs of normal university students. They should focus on strengthening the construction of professional skills training platforms and information-based education facilities for normal university students, and strengthen the guarantee of teachers and quality.Source: New media of Shandong Provincial Education Department “Shandong Education Release” (wechat id: SDJYFB)