Clebesson believes Alves is the savior of the Tiger as it learns from Dunga’s techniques

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Casemiro scored in Brazil’s draw with Ecuador, and former star clebesson believes the Brazilian needs to learn from Dunga’s skills.Dunga is one of samba’s best central defenders, and despite his poor record as coach of the national team and the dislike of ronaldo and ronaldinho fans, dunga’s skills as a player have been valuable.Dunga has been an excellent defensive midfielder in the past and his skills are worth learning from.Dani Alves is back in the Brazilian team and his substitute performance was ok and the veteran has been in good form for Barcelona.Clebesson said Alves was a “lifesaver” and that if the veteran had not suffered a serious injury, tite would have taken him to Qatar.Alves’ experience and mental attributes are very important, he can improve the mental strength of his teammates in the national team, he is also the “salvation” of the selecao.The goal was scored by Tiger, who scored well in the game, but Clebesson feels there is room for improvement.Made a number of good attacking players, samba football even if Brazil do not have so much talent at present stage star, everyone still able to tell his, libraries, joao moutinho and phil mino the midfield player, at the lower back level, however, Mr Besson excellent defensive midfielder also think samba football star is not many, dunga is excellent defensive midfielder.Dunga may not have ronaldo, Romario so gorgeous skills, but his technical characteristics are very solid.Casemiro also has solid fundamentals, so what skills can Chug learn from Dunga?Clebesson said the tiger is not yet a leader, because of his position in the national team, tetite still sees Casemiro as a kind of engineer.Real’s midfield is full of stars, even after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and the injury of Gareth Bale, Modric and kroos should not be taken for granted.Although tigero was a central midfielder in the Bernabeu set-up under Carlo Ancelotti, he was overshadowed by his more famous team-mates.It doesn’t affect his ball power, but his technical attributes will naturally favor the “engineer”.There are other stars in real Madrid’s midfield, but the selecao’s midfield talent is already at a loss and Tiger needs to take on the role of leader for the national team.So he needs to move in the direction of Dunga in terms of technique – Dunga can lead Brazil at one stage even if he doesn’t have the advantage of footwork or inspiration, why not Casemiro?And Mr Clebesson emphasises that in the 1990s, during the golden years of Romario and Bebeto, Dunga was able to lead a group of bosses.There aren’t many superstars under Teeter right now, and Tiger could be the technical leader.So clebesson insists that the Tigers need to learn from Dunga’s skills and that Tete needs to give Casemiro a central role in midfield.If Coutinho can find his form for Aston Villa, clebesson believes cubird will have to play up front, leaving the midfield playmaking role to Tiger.Casamillo needs to learn from Dunga’s confidence. There were a lot of people who didn’t agree with dunga, but that doesn’t stop dunga from being a great captain of Brazil.Fat tiger in the technical aspect needs to have the overall role, because he is responsible for a lot of work, he needs to have a golden age belongs to their own World Cup.Teeter recruited Alves not as a firefighter, but as a rescuer.Although alves is not as fit as he was in his prime, the 38-year-old was seen blocking several times in the preliminary matches, and the young players did not have his sense of movement or his mental temperament.Alves will be 39 years old by the time of the Qatar World Cup and Clebesson expects titte to remain with him, depending on how the veteran is at the club.Alves has come back to Barcelona as a saviour, and Clebesson also sees the need for this type of defender as a trend in football, as well as alves’s longevity.Alves can be regarded as a centre of attack and defence on the wing. When he was young, the requirements of full-backs in world football were relatively simple, he needed speed and the ability to assist.However, in today’s football, full-backs also tend to be versatile.Especially with the revival of the back three, many full-backs have been converted to wing-backs, and alves is an important candidate if Teeter and Xavi want to experiment with a back three.It is precisely because of his unique qualities that other players do not have that he is still the saviour of his country and club rather than the ordinary firefighter.So Clebesson stresses that Alves is also a lifesaver.