City Mental Health center: different New Year full ceremony

2022-05-21 0 By

Hair, stock up, buy new clothes, paste Spring Festival couplets……Approaching the Spring Festival, everyone is in pursuit of a sense of ritual in life.But there is such a special group, their Spring Festival is spent in the hospital ward, they are mentally ill patients.Psychiatric is also a mysterious area, let us walk into the city mental health center psychiatric ward five, feel a different New Year.Families get together during the Spring Festival, but for psychiatric staff, it’s even busier than usual.The fifth ward of the department of psychiatry is the center for the alleviation of poverty of the heavy mental patients in Feicheng, most of the patients are the five guarantees, no relatives, long-term hospitalization.As the Spring Festival approaches, the medical staff are busy on and off, cutting hair, taking a bath, changing new clothes, preparing snacks and taking care of their daily life according to the custom.As a vulnerable group, they lack understanding and social attention from their families. They also have rich feelings and are looking forward to returning to society. Treating such a special group of patients requires a special sense of love and responsibility.Our department has become their home, so they should have a good year.”In order to create a festive holiday atmosphere, wards has been labeled as everyone, couplets, ward in order to ensure the safety of the Spring Festival and let the patient had a good year, school leadership sympathy and view the ward, ward at security, first has been working overtime arrangement ward festival, find potential safety problems, to ensure the safety of ward can smoothly happy to have a good year.Year in and year out, without much to say, but with a sincere heart for the patient, they provide not only medical care, but also companionship and love like family.For patients and ward staff, Chinese New Year is not only unique, but also full of ritual.Address: Editorial review: Feicheng Health Propaganda and Education Center