A woman in Jiangxi province has upset Internet users after discovering that her daughter has become obedient after becoming neighbours with her class teacher

2022-05-21 0 By

A woman in Shangrao, Jiangxi province, recently called out to a young girl to do the dishes, Shouting louder and louder as if she wanted to be heard around her.It is understood that the woman was the little girl’s mother, my mother is very proud, because found and daughter of the teacher in charge to do neighbor has many advantages, to do things my mother just called daughter, darling obedient daughter, for fear of the mother more say more loudly to live nearby the teacher in charge of hear, afraid of being head teacher lectured, so you will listen to your mother, also dare not say no,This time the mother called her daughter to wash the dishes, more said more loudly, daughter afraid of the head teacher to hear, has been spoiled let mother don’t say.”So cute,” one commenter wrote.One netizen said, “It is the fear of being dominated by the teacher in charge.”Another wrote: “Mom is so smart, I am so bored by the kids at home.”Some netizens said, “Tomorrow I will move to live next door to my class teacher.””This is not good,” another commented.”Leave the teacher alone,” one user commented.Xiaobian believes that this way of parenting is not good. The mother takes advantage of her daughter’s fear to make her good. Such a method will only make her daughter weaker and even easier to be seized and taken advantage of in the future.What we want to impart to our children is never nameless fear and threat, but knowledge and love.What is the point of teaching students to obey if they are afraid of it?Conclusion: Face up to education, treat children well.