Yongzhou intangible Cultural Heritage helps fight the epidemic

2022-05-20 0 By

Rednet moment news on April 3 (correspondent Zheng Liang) “The fight against the epidemic is a protracted battle, united as one has a sense of responsibility, scientific epidemic prevention should be firmly fixed, unremitting and guaranteed…”To concentrate the power of resistance to disease, resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control, actively guide the masses to do self-discipline, which all levels of intangible cultural heritage protection center, positive action, organization of genetic people through the qi, qiyang minor tune, tao states drama, opera and other traditional drama, folk art forms, introduced a number of disease resistance propaganda works make intangible blend in contemporary society,We have publicized the epidemic prevention and control policies in a unique way to fuel the fight against the epidemic.Yongzhou Qi Yang Qi theater creation of qi drama works “civilization bloom happiness” once released and brush exploded qi Yang citizen’s circle of friends: “the epidemic situation is currently a total of the time difficult to prevent, build a prison epidemic prevention of health and life safety…”Many citizens have commented on its “down-to-earth gas”, more many citizens said: “the elderly in the room sometimes do not realize the seriousness of the epidemic, the qi drama to play to him, than to tell him how many times’ don’t go out in disorder ‘all work!”The cast and crew of Yongzhou Lingling Flower drum Opera Troupe created the Lingling Flower drum opera “CAI Jiu New Biography of Fighting against Epidemic” according to the real life of ordinary people. The work infected many people with a strong flavor of life and local flavor, but also showed the high awareness of ordinary people fighting against the epidemic.The Daoxian Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center started with “How to do well in epidemic prevention and control” and created the Daoxian local flavor “Ten Tips on Epidemic Prevention”, which used humorous dialogues to persuade citizens to do well in epidemic prevention during this extraordinary period.Qi Yang city non-material cultural heritage protection center creation of qi Yang minor “network worship more civilized advocate green worship”, for the work of the hometown people issued epidemic prevention and control rely on everyone, network worship more civilized initiative.Since March 19, which was found in return for personnel from other provinces, 1 case of COVID – 19 confirmed cases, of which the genetic people act quickly, with their different ways to join to the epidemic prevention and control publicity to contribute their strength, but also show the socket of the inheritance of resistance to disease and professional dedication, let the non-material cultural heritage alive, fire up!