Try to accept it

2022-05-20 0 By

Even though I haven’t read a lot of new books, I haven’t been able to control myself in this respect. As I get older, I always feel that what we need more is to live as we please. If we want to do, we will do it.Also for the two children, I don’t want to try to change, and prefer their every day can be happy.Children are children after all, although understanding is not mature, but also have their own little thoughts, I think, only with a happy heart, to live more naive, will be more independent.Including Xiao Shan, as long as the teacher’s homework is finished, like reading books to go to see, every child has their own unique place, maybe, these can ignite the miracle of life.Today, SHE and Xiao Shan brought back nine books, four of which were destroyed in one day. The child’s reading speed and concentration have been trained. Every time I see her immersed in it, I can read what she calls “the most beautiful enjoyment”.Accept that there is no need to force your child to stick to the textbook. Be less lecturing, more respectful, more encouraging and more supportive.In fact, on this issue, the heart has been very calm.This holiday, I read very few books, today just finished the “history of fish and Sheep wild” last book, appreciate these well-read people, mentality, vision, pattern and we are not the same.Change slowly, your children and yourself.