How many times do you pee every day?Men urinate more than a number, it is recommended to check

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What kind of feeling is urination much?Probably someone drank a glass of water at work and went to the bathroom once or twice.You also drink a glass of water, but repeatedly run to the bathroom.Time at work is spent going to the bathroom and waiting in line for the bathroom.This is a situation that bothers a lot of people.Why the number that other people urinates so “little”, oneself always cannot help wanting to go to the toilet however?Some people also can’t help but doubt whether they are sick?How many times do you pee every day?In fact, many people are very concerned about the number of times they urinate, thinking that they can make several trips to the bathroom after drinking a glass of water. However, the number of times they urinate does not fully reflect a person’s health status.It depends on how much water a person drinks, bladder size, urination sensitivity and kidney function.For example, people who drink more water may go to the bathroom more often.And the same amount of water, bladder volume is smaller, more sensitive to urine people, may also lead to more times of urination.But in general, the number of urination per person per day should be about 8 times, and the total urine volume will not exceed 3000 ml, which is about the weight of 6 bottles of mineral water.If you do notice that your urination is abnormal recently, it may be a cause for concern.Especially some men.If the number of times of urination exceeds 1, consider checking the kidney. The number of times of urination during the day may be affected by factors such as diet and water consumption. It is difficult to measure the number of times of urination.But nocturnal urine is different.In healthy men, nocturnal urination tends to occur no more than 2 times.If you always have nocturia at night and need to go to the toilet more than 2 times, it is recommended that you have your kidneys checked for abnormalities.The kidneys are where the body filters blood and also produces urine.When the kidney is affected by a number of factors, it can lead to abnormal urination, of course, not only the number of times, but also two changes.Change one: the color of urination is abnormal under normal circumstances, the color of urination should be light yellow or no color.But changes in the kidneys may affect their ability to filter urine, resulting in red hematuria, dark yellow urine, or foam that may not dissipate for a long time.Change two: Urination pain The process of urination is a way for the body to metabolize foreign bodies and should be very smooth.However, in some patients with kidney disease, there may be discomfort symptoms such as pain in urine.This is also a sign of abnormal kidney function.Especially in the end stage of kidney disease, that is, uremia patients, this phenomenon is more obvious, often accompanied by less urine, etc.Suspect him existence kidney disease, what is the examination better?For men, kidney health is very important.When you notice that you are having trouble urinating, get your kidneys checked as soon as possible. Common screening methods include routine urine tests and kidney tests.Routine urinalysis is a fairly basic examination.When people notice problems with their urine, such as foamy urine, abnormal color or odor, they can use their urine routine to know.In addition to routine urine tests, kidney function tests can reveal whether the kidneys are damaged.After taking blood to check kidney function, blood creatinine level can be found in the human body through a certain examination, but also understand blood urea and other indicators, these indicators can reflect whether kidney function is injured.Many uremia patients are also found abnormal kidney function examination, timely take effective treatment, control the development of the disease.Men who have nocturia more than two times a day need to pay more attention.It is likely that the kidney is not very good, with 2 abnormal changes, timely examination, protect health.2, urine, frequent toilet, is your kidney is not good?3, nocturia is not necessarily bad kidney, kidney doctors tell you the 5 common reasons!· Kidney Channel in The Medical community ·2021-11-20