Day 32 of working at McDonald’s in Canada: Winter sun in extreme cold

2022-05-20 0 By

Day 32 working in McDonald’s in Canada: The schedule time is from 11:00 am to 3:00 PM. Today is an extremely cold day. The APP of my child’s school reminds me that the school bus stops running today.On the way to work, the car shows that it is -29 degrees outside, but it really feels the footsteps of spring. The sunshine is particularly abundant. After all, it is already February 2.I got on the bus with a poached egg, and when I got to McDonald’s at 10:53, I turned off the fire and ate it because the gas showed only 15 kilometers left.When I entered the room, the bus girl took my temperature, took off my coat and put on a disposable net in the staff lounge, and then went to the front desk computer to punch in my work card.The last time I clocked in during my lunch break, the head waiter told me I shouldn’t have ordered before I left. Since then, I have clocked in when I am fully prepared, even though most of my colleagues have clocked in before changing.As soon as I went to work, I took the initiative to ask the Bangladeshi elder sister who was at work: How are you?She shook her head and said she had been very busy and tired this morning.Yes, she comes in at 5:30 in the morning and works until 1:30 (with a 30-minute break) every Monday through Friday, and I’ve only been working 10-12 hours a week. I’m so relaxed compared to her!Today I was in a good mood. Sometimes I got ahead of her. For example, when she took the chicken out of the oil, I went to pick up the tray and put it on the warmer.I sent a paper shell to the back and came back to see her add pepper powder to the Patty I fried, I said the last pan or I, you are too tired!McDonald’s has to accept this, colleagues are really you help me, I help you, naturally with everything is so smooth!At about 2:20, I should have gone to the back to wash up and do the dishes, but my old partner was so kind that he kept on teaching me how to make different kinds of burgers, not only verbally, but also showed me the different wrappers/boxes in detail.Someone said: you go backstage to wash things, that is not the point, anyone can do, the leader can not see you!I don’t know what you are doing, how can the leader give you more schedules!And he told me you had to do the laundry in the back, and you’re a slow learner to wrap burgers!What real friends!At 2:50, the restaurant manager asked me to wash things, but there was not enough time. I washed half of a lot of things in three and five. I should go off work, so I had to report to the restaurant manager and tell him where I had washed.Punch out at 3:02!On the way home, outside the car -23 degrees, dare not turn on the air conditioning, to the gas station to refuel;The warm sun on the windshield, don’t feel very cold!Another energetic and rewarding day.