Baoding New Year custom: fancy steamed buns make a sweet New Year flavor

2022-05-20 0 By

Baoding New Year custom: fancy steamed buns steamed a sweet taste hebei News and Publication network (CAI Haifeng wang Sha Yuan Ye) “these beautiful fancy steamed buns, production is actually very troublesome, no matter the selection of materials, technology should be strictly in accordance with the process.”Mancheng South village Sun Village Yao Leilei said.In the Year of the Tiger, the Spring Festival is a time for family reunions with delicious meals on the table.On the table, put on a modelling lifelike, bright color, meaning happy fancy steamed bread, will make relatives fondle admiringly, appetite.During the Spring Festival, reporters came to South Korea village sun Village Yao Leilei home, she is making a variety of fancy steamed buns.With pumpkin juice, dragon juice, carrot juice, spinach juice and noodles, live out all kinds of dough, and then knead into a round, square, flat various shapes, for a while, a different shape, realistic style steamed bread lifelike appear in front of.Fortune into “treasure”, “flower” open riches and honour, every year there are “fish”, “stone lion” wishful, not the same fancy steamed bread, steamed out of a good year, steamed out of a good time, steamed out of a prosperous peace.It is understood that Yao Leilei plans to continue to innovate on fancy steamed bread in the future, and strive to let everyone see more beautiful steamed bread.Responsible editor: CAI Haifeng