Pharynx and throat has yellow phlegm, cough not easily?An expectorant prescription is introduced to promote lung and reduce phlegm

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Cough is a common health topic, people have experienced all their lives, in a conventional sense, the northern climate is cold, the lung cold invasion, easy to produce cold phlegm, wet phlegm, the southern climate is hot, easy to produce dry phlegm, hot phlegm, this refers to the north and south climate affect the human body’s exogenous cough.And the four seasons on the impact of the people are also different, autumn more dry cough.But the human body is a complex organism, and the situation is often more complicated.In fact, the cough of internal injury often has a greater impact on people, because most of the cough of internal injury is chronic cough, chronic disease indicates that there is a deficiency of the viscera, the evil, the qi will be deficient is this truth.Internal injury cough, common such as phlegm wet (cold phlegm cough), phlegm heat cough, irascibility lung cough, there is today to talk about Yin deficiency dryness cough.The five viscera and six organs have their own physiological characteristics, the lung is characterized by moistening and aversion to dryness, lung does not like dry environment, and stay in a humid environment will be more comfortable.Therefore, we treat lung disease by moistening the lung and reducing phlegm, so that the lung stays in a more suitable environment, which is more conducive to the lung to better play its role, just like this home advantage.What do lungs do?Lung is mainly xuan hair function, xuan hair to the lung inside the sputum xuan hair out, out.Thin sputum, of course, is easier to discharge, phlegm thick, sticky sticky easily adhere to the wall of the trachea, not so easy to cough out.Why is sputum so thick?Most of the sticky phlegm is more yellow, more dry, in fact, yellow phlegm often indicates that the body is hot, if it is acute yellow phlegm, most of it is wind heat cold after the emergence of this most is real heat, will have fever, sore throat, nasal congestion, etc., need to clear lung heat, phlegm, with heat and wind.Such as yinqiao powder, sangju drink can be dialectical hypothyroidism application.Another is chronic, from time to time there is yellow phlegm, but this yellow phlegm is more difficult to cough up, stick in the inside of the bronchus, there is no obvious cold history in the near future, this belongs to the chronic disease of Traditional Chinese medicine, many are stubborn diseases for many years, such as bronchiectasis, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and so on.Chronic lung disease often appears a state of deficiency of lung Yin, Yin deficiency is easy to produce internal heat, internal heat will burn fluid consumption, phlegm is condensed, will be sticky, yellow, and difficult to cough out, this is deficiency heat, the focus of nourishing Yin and clearing heat.How to raise Yin to clear heat, xuan lung hua phlegm cough?Today to teach you a dose of three medicine composition of the prescription, respectively is maidong, Thunberg fritillary bulb, platycodon, help you solve the yellow phlegm, sticky phlegm, difficult to cough up the problem.First is the dwarf lilyturf TCM speak hurry treats the symptoms and slow cure, to both, dwarf lilyturf is a ziyin runfei, Yin heat drugs, it use the dwarf lilyturf is to rise to cure, raising lung Yin, the effect of clearing lung heat, not only clear lung phlegm, releasing lungs, can only remove the phlegm, and the root cause of phlegm, so can’t solve the fundamental.”Changsha medicine solution” : “Maidong cure cough, fire inverse gas, throat adverse.”Followed by the zhejiang fritillary zhejiang fritillary bulb is blindly heat phlegm, cough fights of traditional Chinese medicine, there is the effect to melt sticky hot phlegm, clearing heat, let the sputum is thinning, less sticky, easily from the bronchial eduction.It has a good effect on lung deficiency, long cough, less phlegm and dry throat, yellow and sticky phlegm.”Thunder Lord processing medicine solution” contained: “Thunberg fritillary clear heart moisten lung, anti cough phlegm, main chest and abdomen.Finally, the characteristics of platycodon grandiflorum has the very good xuan lung gas, the so-called open xuan lung qi, is to make the lung gas go up, open the airway, the sputum from the bottom of the lung to lead, to this kind of coughing up phlegm, phlegm, have very good effect, platycodon grandiflorum have very good help lung abscess, on lung carbuncle swollen chest pain, abscess, out by the open XuanSheng mention of it.In fact, pus and sputum are the turbidity of phlegm in the lung, so the reason why platycodon platycodon excrete sputum and excrete pus is the same.Platycodon grandiflorum also has a very good role, is to lead the drug up, lung above the diaphragm, non light medicine can not reach, add platycodon grandiflorum, maidong, Thunberg fritillaria up the lung and throat, in order to better play the role of phlegm runfei.We see, Wheat winter nourishing Yin runfei, Thunberg fritillaria qingfei phlegm, platycodon platycodon open xuanfei qi, phlegm out, but also can lead drugs up, the three together, for dry throat, phlegm sticky, phlegm yellow difficult to cough, and phlegm cough asthma, not easy to cough, have a very good effect.Today to share the three traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, each with emphasis, combined, can cover the above problems, of course, the strength of the three drugs is still poor, here is to provide a thought reference to bigfoot, we have related problems, but also in the doctor dialectical conditioning, in order to play a good effect.