Lanzhou Wildlife Park performs “Year of tiger” during Spring Festival

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Sichuan Opera face changing, frozen, African dance, clown interaction, magic show, Princess Princess, Cinderella, animal Winter Olympics, Spring Festival market, lanzhou Wildlife Park is a lively scene, the scene of the first lunar month, the atmosphere of the decoration let Lanzhou Wildlife Park immersed in the full flavor of the New Year.The year of Ren Yin Tiger in 2022 is the first Lunar New Year in Lanzhou Wild Animal Park. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the unique fun of lanzhou Wild Animal Park, enjoy the Spring Festival activities of the Golden Tiger, and the most important thing is to experience a different Spring Festival holiday here.”These two Monkey King are so cute, I like it so much, our children also feel very novel, can see so many performance parade here, this trip is not in vain.”Lanzhou citizens Wang said.From the first to the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, Lanzhou Wildlife Park has prepared a variety of exciting and interesting performances for visitors.11:00, 13:00 and 14:00 every day;At 30 and so on, the park will hold the Golden Tiger Na Fu – Spring Festival parade on a regular basis.Performing arts covers multiple types, multiple sets of style, more interactive performance, a beaming fu lu shou sanbao and sichuan opera face, have a funny and lovely magic juggling clown interaction, a passionate African dance and wukong monkey show, has a unique Chinese palace dance performances and variegated silks, have tong qu joy’s icy colors and vanquish a prince…A wonderful program, caused the audience’s applause.On the eve of the opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games, the first Animal Winter Olympic Games with animals as the theme opened in Lanzhou Wildlife Park. The parrot all-around competition, pony Courier, kangaroo long jump, lion fight hydrangea and other animal-themed sports are all featured in both form and content.”Animal masters” at Lanzhou Wildlife Park put on a show for visitors during the Spring Festival.In addition, the park has introduced a new market, with everyone, write Spring Festival couplets, sugar-coated berry, cut, sugar painting, knead dough figurine and so rich and colorful intangible folk and traditional hand characteristic such as experience, and reminded everyone of the traditional Chinese years of memories, also adding to the year of the tiger Spring Festival wild zoo in lanzhou of the festive atmosphere.”The experience of sugar painting and dough figurine is very good. My child had a lot of fun, which is very Spring Festival atmosphere. It can not only let the child experience joy, but also let him understand the intangible cultural heritage.”Mr. Bai, a tourist from Baiyin, said.It is understood that Lanzhou Wildlife Park weekend holiday family tour hot, large reception, thanks to the park’s constantly improving infrastructure construction, clear product positioning and professional logistics support.In the future, the park will continue to speed up the construction of tourism reception facilities, carefully plan weekend parent-child Tours and innovate festival themed activities, so as to create a more civilized, safe, healthy and orderly tourism environment for tourists.At the same time, we will actively build a well-known cultural tourism brand, enhance the tourism driving force and brand radiation power of Lanzhou Wildlife Park, and fully boost the cultural tourism industry of Lanzhou to achieve great development.Lanzhou Daily all-media reporter Li Chao editor AN Ruoxuan