Juve paid for Ramsey on a free fee and now have to send him out in tears

2022-05-19 0 By

Ramsey has again turned down offers from Crystal Palace, Newcastle and Burnley, leaving juve chiefs furious that they were prepared to keep him on the bench for the rest of the season if he did not accept a January departure.Be loaner come out to add signing fee and bonus 40W, bonus he is can not take, signing fee he took early, now scoop up that 25W clean line, see somebody else Giru, why, return to premier League go to newladuo good ah, relegation success is the hero, not successful also make money!Can’t afford to give such a high salary, look at the bear, the big teams to, also not willing to pay cuts, all age, competitive state how many know, in my mind is not c laumiere ball, how to fall have a big contract, at the beginning you kneeling exchanges, now it will want to get rid of the somebody else old color declines, cheat philandering man, ever call me little sweetie, now call me the madam of the cow, Newcastle united are also,I don’t want to look rich.Ramsey’s real gunners have taken early revenge on Savicevic and artur to learn from Bale.Stretch is still playing a role for Arsenal, so how to give up the high salary, the extension of tens of thousands of weeks.And it was hot.Longge does not go, Zaka will not renew, Ramsey although rough, but the ball business is actually good.The point is that it’s all about mood, not pogba’s lack of work, but the fact that he sometimes gives himself too many stats to win or lose.Why did he go to Juve for a big salary because there was no transfer fee, some imbecile was sick of looking at it, and now it’s ok not to renew Aaron Ramsey?In recent years, my factory did not upgrade a few grades without him, Ramsey in Juve in fact the first two seasons can also, understand the ball emperor turned over records, basically no scold, the Internet has memory, this season is his public interview caused Juve dissatisfaction, was juve with injury as an excuse to exclude the squad.A lot of people thought he was faking it.And the injury is also the impression flow, not at the forefront of the Juve team, but frequently change the coach, not suitable for Juve, the coach does not love to use.Juve deserved it. They were smart enough to take Aaron Ramsey for free. Ramsey played like that at his peak and was not a top-class player at all.