12 strong match after the national football team and Oman match!Liu Guoliang talked about men’s football out of the World Cup, hit the nail on the head

2022-05-19 0 By

Beijing time on March 31, the world preliminary Asian 12 strong competition officially concluded.China lost 2-0 to Asian powerhouse Oman in the final round of the final match.In addition, the National football team had lost 2-0 to Japan, as well as a 3-1 defeat in Vietnam.The final result of the National football Team in the current round of 12, fixed in 6 losses, 3 draws, 1 win, 6 points, ranked the fifth position in the standings.At the same time, it can be officially declared that the National football team has once again failed to qualify for the World Cup.It must be hard for the millions of fans at home to accept.Looking back on the performance of the National football team in the preliminary round of the World Cup, the most intuitive feeling to the fans is that the attitude of the match is not correct enough, the players have great physical problems, and there is no technical and tactical cooperation in the match.First of all, there is the problem of players’ attitude. For example, the first reaction of many players when they encounter a steal from the opponent is not to actively counter tackle, but to complain that the players can not come to receive, which is a negative attitude towards the game.As for the technique and tactics of the National football team, from the live broadcast screen, only the national football team can get a long pass to the center.So what is the cause of the national football team for a long time it is difficult to progress?Liu Guoliang’s summary of the men’s team’s elimination from the World Cup may have the real answer.Liu Guoliang roughly said three aspects of the content, first, Liu Guoliang said the country ping many top players transfer salary, is higher than the national football players.But the fans will not make fun of the high salary of China table tennis players, because they bring profits and win a lot of honors for their country.Second, Liu guoliang pointed out that the salaries of all the top table tennis players are not ideal.Finally, Liu Guoliang talked about the popularity of table tennis and football.Liu guoliang pointed out that table tennis is popular among the whole people and is not restricted by the venue. Anyone can play it in the park, but the mass base of football is relatively weak.Then analyze what Liu Guoliang talked about, combined with the environment of Chinese football.Liu Guoliang mentioned the salary problem, as well as the popularity of the problem, can be said to be a sharp poke in China’s football pain point.Because Chinese football players, in the general high salary situation, will inevitably appear in the state of waiting for work.In addition, many factors hinder the development of national football, the result is that there are few players for the national team to choose from.Therefore, Chinese football wants to develop, the above two points must be properly solved.Fellow fans, what do you think about this?Feel free to discuss it in the comments section!