Tony Leung ka-fai, the best actor in a thousand faces, set up a stall after being banned for being patriotic

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Is it a crime to be patriotic?In the 1980s, it was really a crime for Hong Kong and Taiwan stars to want to be patriotic. At that time, Taiwan was an important market for Hong Kong’s film and television industry, and the whole Hong Kong film and television industry had to follow the policy of staying away from the mainland and not daring to shoot in the mainland for fear of provoking the anger of Taiwan’s Cultural bureau and receiving a ban on box lunch.But leung ka-fai, 25, is determined to use action to protest.At that time, he refused the request of Taiwan cultural affairs Bureau to write a letter of repentance, and also asked Taiwan cultural affairs Bureau, I am a Chinese person, in my own motherland shooting, what is wrong?After seeing leung ka-fai’s solemn refusal, Taiwan’s Bureau of Culture also requested Hong Kong to immediately ban him, so that all the films he appeared in later could not be shown, as time passed, no film company dared to find him again.At that time, Tony leung ka-fai friends constantly advised him, let him write down which show that attitude, but Tony leung ka-fai refused to believe that their behavior without any fault refuses to repent, even later in an interview, the reporter mentioned that being blocked, he also booked said that he had never regretted it, this is the principle and the bottom line is not willing to bend a compromise.And as a Chinese, why can’t I go back home to shoot?At that time, the mainland had not yet signed the three direct links agreement with Taiwan. Due to the conflict of political positions, cultural products from the two places also had many obstacles.In addition, Taiwan stipulated that no Taiwanese actor could go to the Mainland to shoot without authorization, and violators would be banned. The main audience of Hong Kong films is in Taiwan. Therefore, for Hong Kong, if the client clearly states that he or she cannot shoot in the mainland, this regulation must be observed.So just to get the best actor Tony leung ka-fai, is Taiwan’s culture bureau, and the media for the acting of Tony leung ka-fai also very bullish on Taiwan, told him as long as write a commercializing, can remove block continues to take sport, Tony leung ka-fai did not choose to do so, however, he insisted on his own ideas, and he also believes that own this one, there must be a good result.Later, he also ushered in the peak of his career again, bringing many classic works for many fans, and even won the Best Actor for many times. He became the actor next to Tony Leung Chiu-wai, and most importantly, he met the woman he loved the most in his life.This may be the most absurd ban in history, in 1984, Tony Leung ka-fai just won the Best Actor award, offended a Taiwan agency, Hong Kong film and television had to ban Tony Leung ka-fai.Tony Leung ka-fai did not expect that he was banned because he, as a Hong Kong actor, came to the mainland to film, he was very difficult to understand, and even shouted, I am a Chinese, I film in my own country, what is my fault?However, Taiwan’s Bureau of Culture still chose to ban Leung Ka-fai. At that time, all films in Taiwan and Hong Kong with Leung ka-fai could not be shown, which also led to the fact that no director dared to employ him.Later, someone told him that as long as he wrote a letter of repentance and did not go to the mainland to film, he could lift the ban, but this advice did not listen to Leung Ka-fai, he did not think he did anything wrong refused to regret.And Leung ka Fai was forced to quit the show business, in order to make a living he chose to set up stalls in the street, selling jewelry and handicrafts, and even some people say that at that time he also took out the Award trophy to sell, many artists in the circle after that, also often secretly laughed at him, a best actor unexpectedly mixed into a stall vendor.Even when setting up stalls, passers-by would say, “You look like Tony Leung ka-fai,” which is undoubtedly salt on the wound for an actor who just won the best Actor award. However, Tony Leung ka-fai answered openly, “I am Tony Leung Ka-fai.”He thought that he had changed his life from best actor to stall owner. Later, when Leung ka-fai recalled the time when he was down and out, he also said that he never regretted it and was very lucky to have that experience, because he learned a lot of life lessons during that time.And most importantly, in those days, he met his wife noble is Jiang Jia years, Jiang Jia years informed of his condition at that time, invite him to the station recorded programs, and in order to have a more income, Tony leung ka-fai also readily agreed, for a long time to get along with soon let two people in love, they finally together hand in hand into the marriage hall.In two people get married soon, with the help of chow yun-fat and others, Tony leung ka-fai block makes also has lifted a formal, although in the past few years’ time, Tony leung ka-fai not play can be taken, but he still didn’t give up the pursuit of performance, he will own thoughts written notes every day, and also constantly consider the various types of characters.So at the end of the block made, Tony leung ka-fai, although a few years didn’t take sport, but his performance is better than before, even in a lot of scenes, as if all repair back will be taken before a few years didn’t play, and every play of word of mouth is very good, for many in the audience recognition, this is a character actor, a really patriotic artists.Lu Yu can let fear, only Leung Ka-fai.In 2014, Lu Yu asked Leung ka-fai’s daughter about her relationship in a book called “A Date with Lu Yu”, and was subsequently dumbfounded.At that time, Lu Yu probably wanted to close the distance, so he asked Leung Ka-fai’s daughter to find a boyfriend. However, Leung ka-fai seemed to be not interested in this topic, but Lu Yu did not give up this topic, still asked Leung Ka-fai, if that boy is not your favorite, will you say?”It’s not like I married him,” Leung replied without thinking.After finishing this sentence, it is obvious that the atmosphere on the field, feeling a little delicate, when the audience thought Lu Yu, will not continue to ask, Lu Yu suddenly asked Leung Ka-fai, if you feel bad, won’t you say?Liang Jiahui had to how to answer, good or not very difficult to say, ah, when I married my wife, I am not worth a hair, this answer seems to still make Luyu not too satisfied, she still kept asking, if the character of the problem?Tony Leung, perhaps reluctant to mention his family on a public platform, changed his face slightly and then replied, “I was not a good person.”After the program was broadcast, many viewers called Lu Yu was criticized by Tony Leung ka-fai to speechless part, watching very comfortable, because the audience agreed that Lu Yu’s interview is just a conversation, there is no point of interest, and they don’t care what the guests think.But this time met Tony Leung ka-fai, she just showed a pair of, you say good sense, I unexpectedly speechless expression.Although Tony Leung ka-fai on the show is more rigorous, but in life, he is to his wife every possible care, give his wife a sense of security, in his acting career, there is no relationship between him and other actresses.Even later his wife because of illness, need to take medicine cause the body fat, very often at that time a lot of people believe that his wife don’t deserve him, Tony leung ka-fai in order not to let his wife suffer more buzz, direct public love said to the wife, my wife is a pretty girl when I was younger, now she is becoming more and more beautiful in my mind.Even wherever he went with his wife, he held her hand.