Speeding to 190, license suspended, man: Blame the car too good

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As the saying goes, nine times out of ten accidents is fast. Overspeed driving has a large number of safety hazards and is extremely prone to traffic accidents.Since speeding is so harmful, why do so many car owners still speed?Most owners have a lucky psychology, think that the surveillance can not be captured, and some owners are completely for the pursuit of pleasure.A man in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, severely exceeded the speed limit while driving on a highway, setting a speed record for the year.The owner, Mr Liu, was driving an Alfa Romeo towards Yixing, with a top speed of 190km/h.Soon the mobile speed detector caught Mr Liu speeding, and the traffic police immediately placed a stop on Mr Liu.Traffic police investigation and monitoring found That Mr. Liu parked in a service area to rest, so the police went to the service area.The traffic police found Liu in the service area and he couldn’t believe it when they showed him his speeding record.He told the police that he was not driving too fast, but that the car was so good that he ran so fast when he stepped on the gas pedal.Mr. Liu said that he is a law-abiding citizen, usually driving on the road when strictly abide by the traffic rules, this time speeding on the highway, not because he ignored the traffic rules, but because of the car.Mr. Liu said that the Alfa Romeo he was driving was a friend’s car, and he borrowed his friend’s car to do business in other places. The car had strong power, and the light step on the accelerator brought a strong sense of pushing the back, and the car reached 190 unconsciously.Drivers who break traffic rules must be fined, whether they speed unintentionally or on purpose.Mr. Liu was driving at 190 on a road with a speed limit of 100, which was a serious violation of traffic rules. The traffic police gave Mr. Liu a ticket, deducted 12 points and fined 200 yuan.Mr. Liu admitted his mistake to the traffic policeman and finally realized the danger of speeding.If the vehicle loses control, the consequences will be irreversible.The consequence of speeding: first, cannot judge the car condition.The standard speed limit of China’s high-speed is 120, and the car owner is speeding on the high-speed. When the speed exceeds 130, the car owner cannot fully feel the changes inside and outside the car.The scenery outside the window flashed by, and the car owner’s judgment of the vehicle condition became more and more blurred, which was easy to cause traffic accidents.Second, the reaction capacity is reduced.When the vehicle is driving at high speed, if the vehicle in front of it brakes sharply, the owner will lose his reaction when speeding and cannot immediately perceive the vehicle in front and cannot take emergency braking.After the vehicle speed exceeds 120, the car owner’s vision definition is poor, and he cannot take the prediction quickly, and the driving danger index increases.Third, easy to fatigue driving.When the speed exceeds a certain standard, it is easy to drive fatigue for a long time.Some car owners often run long distances on the high speed, long-term speeding will lead to a decline in reaction, mental fatigue, in case of emergency will not be able to take correct measures.Fourth, the braking distance is extended.If a car is speeding, the braking distance will be extended even if the owner applies an emergency brake.In case of emergency, whether or not to step on the brakes is not a big impact, in case of rear-end collision, will evolve into a serial rear-end.Editor’s comment: the highway traffic condition is relatively good, many owners unknowingly easy to speed.Overspeed driving has great harm, I hope we run at high speed strictly control the speed, do safe driving.A lot of car owners hold a fluke mentality speeding on the high speed, once encountered a sudden situation, and then regret it too late.The picture in this article comes from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete