New cold air arrives with rain!Zhuhai back to the southern sky!The latest weather forecast for Spring Festival

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Urgent reminder!All zhuhai people hate the most “back to the south day” magic attack, it is coming!A new wave of cold air is also ON the way…Slight return to south day just a little performance there have been a lot of net friends in asking when the end?However, the next few days will either be wet with fog or wet with rain!Weak cold air arrives with rain!According to guangdong weather forecast during the Spring Festival transport will have a number of cold air, one of the weak cold air will arrive on the 26th, shaoguan, Qingyuan, pearl River Delta west, west and east coastal cities and counties cloudy, scattered light rain and fog, other cities and counties cloudy to cloudy local light rain and fog.On the 27th, shaoguan, Qingyuan, Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong cities and counties have scattered light rain and fog cloudy, other cities and counties cloudy to partly light rain and fog.28, Shaoguan, Qingyuan overcast, there is light rain local moderate rain, other cities and counties overcast between cloudy to light rain, morning (light) fog.From 29th to 30th, due to the influence of moderately strong cold air, there will be a temperature drop of 4-8℃ accompanied by light to moderate precipitation in Our province.Before the Spring Festival, although it was still rainy and rainy, zhuhai will be completely occupied by the warm forces from 26th to 27th (year 24-25). The breath of winter will be completely dissipated, and the sun will return to the highest level of 23℃ during the day. We should pay close attention to the sanitation!Are the new clothes for the New Year thin or thick?Cold air during the Spring Festival is also not die going to regress even now double 11, 12, according to the double bottom of thick coat this Spring Festival big probability of cold air will come in handy yo ~ Spring Festival even 30 January 28 – guangdong is expected to meet medium to strong cold air with small to moderate rain on February 3-5 (third to fifth) will meet medium weak cold air with light rain according to the ChineseZhuhai network latest weather forecast in minimum temperature on the first day only 11 ℃ (don’t close the Spring Festival, is a professional f) zhuhai future expected the next three days, the city overcast to cloudy weather gradually picks up in the morning and evening temperatures USES the new easy appeared a strong cold air will affect our city on Saturday (29) the north wind, the temperature decreases obviously warm prompt:In recent days, there are frequent changes of cold and warm weather and rainy and foggy weather in the morning and evening. Please pay attention to the adverse impact of low visibility and slippery road surface on traffic safety.The wind is strong on the sea today and tomorrow, so attention should be paid to sea work and traffic safety.It will soon be the New Year “year 28, wash dirty” ready to clean, cleaning and so on to pay good attention to the weather forecast oh, the temperature is still warm during the day but the temperature difference between day and night is large to carry out epidemic prevention work need to pay attention to warm and pay attention to traffic safety outdoor epidemic prevention please prepare rain gear!Source: Palm Zhuhai