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Recently, some Huawei employees published huawei’s dividend data in the voice community. In 2021, the company will continue to implement the stock dividend, which is expected to be 1.58 yuan per share.In this regard, huawei employees said that the company under the extreme pressure, can “live” is not easy.However, some employees said they were disappointed.Huawei will pay a dividend of 2.11 yuan per share in 2019 and 1.86 yuan per share in 2020.Huawei is expected to achieve sales revenue of around 634 billion yuan in 2021, guo Ping, chairman of huawei, said in his 2022 New Year speech on December 31, 2021.Notably, the figure was 28.9 percent lower than in 2020.But even in the face of a tough external environment, Huawei employees still enjoy dividends.According to media reports, as of December 31, 2020, Huawei’s total share capital was about 34.757.5 billion shares.Based on this estimate, Huawei’s dividend amount will exceed 50 billion yuan.More than 120,000 employees benefit from “full ownership” is one of Huawei’s prized management features.Huawei investment Holdings is owned by a labor union and Ren Zhengfei, who owns just 0.75 percent of the company, according to Data from Kaixinbao.Huawei implements the employee stock ownership plan through the labor union. As of 2020, 121,269 employees have participated in the plan, all of whom are employees of the company.Based on 197,000 employees, the number of huawei’s shareholding employees accounted for 61.56% of the total number of employees in 2020.At present, the compensation of Huawei employees mainly includes three parts: salary, bonus and bonus.Among them, stock dividend is an important part of the income of Huawei employees, and also reflects that Huawei shares the company’s development achievements with employees.According to huawei’s 2020 financial report, huawei’s share price is 7.85 yuan per share, with a dividend of 1.86 yuan per share.Meanwhile, Huawei spent 139.095 billion yuan on wages, salaries and other benefits in 2020. By 2020, Huawei Group had 197,000 employees.According to this calculation, the average salary of Huawei employees reaches 700,000 yuan.Mr Ren has spoken of daring to reform pay.”If you give more money, you will become a talented person even if you are not a talented person.We should have the courage to raise wages, so that we will have more courage and confidence in human resources reform.If all cells are activated, the person will not decline.Activate with what?The blood is the compensation system.With the increase of employees’ salary, the value created by nature will be greater, and there will be new requirements for employees’ ability, responsibility and value.To cope with a series of external challenges, Guo Ping said in his New Year’s speech in 2022 that Huawei will increase its investment in “Hongmeng + Euler” to build the root of the basic software of the digital world and provide a second choice for the world.According to public information, Euler is a server operating system independently developed by Huawei. Based on Linux stable system kernel and supporting Kunpeng processor and container virtualization technology, it is a universal server architecture platform for enterprise level.Euler is another major breakthrough in the field of operating systems after Huawei released hongmeng operating system for intelligent terminals.In November 2021, Deng Taihua, vice president and president of computing product line of Huawei, said that Euler and Hongmeng have realized the sharing of kernel technology, and in the future, they plan to transfer Hongmeng’s distributed soft bus capability to Euler, so that devices equipped with Euler operating system can automatically identify and connect hongmeng terminals.In addition, in terms of strategy, Huawei insists on focusing on ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminal. While maintaining platform advantages, it shorts the management chain, quickly meets customer needs and creates commercial and social values through pilot operation of industrial subsidiaries and legions.Within the company, the corps represents the industry to find the right technology;Customer-oriented, the team represents Huawei and partners to find solutions to problems.Looking ahead to 2022, Guo ping said, “Huawei should be productive, build a strong foundation, continue to invest in the future, and ‘live and live with quality’ by creating value for customers and partners.””By continuing to create value for our customers, we have the confidence to be productive and survive the difficult times, just like Heine’s poem: what winter takes away, spring will give back.”Article Source:Shanshi (Guangdong) Enterprise Service Outsourcing Co., Ltd. is committed to providing human resource outsourcing (HRO) and business outsourcing (BPO) services for enterprises, governments and public institutions. The company has a registered capital of 21 million yuan and its headquarters is located in Guangzhou.In Shenzhen, Zhaoqing, Zhanjiang, Shantou, Nanning, Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan, Hong Kong, Wuhu, Jiujiang, Ji ‘an, Haikou, Chongqing, Nantong and other places with branches or affiliated companies, has served hundreds of enterprises and institutions more than 300,000 people.Shansi is now a contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Guangdong Province, a director unit of Guangdong Human Resource Management Association, a vice chairman unit of Guangdong Talent Development and Management Research Association, and a national strategic partner of international Golden Key Organization in China.