Hu Dai Town launches “upgraded version” with river chief System

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In mid-February, Ms. Li, a resident of Hu Dai Town, walked by Qian Dai Bang near her home after dinner. She was surprised by the sight of the river. “When did the river become so clean?In the past, qiandai River was covered with thick silt and the water was black. Now, even during dry seasons, the water in the river is clear.This is a result of the town’s joint river chief system.Qiandai Bang flows through Hudai Town, Yangshan Town and Xueyan Town, and one river spans two cities and three towns.In 2021, the water quality of Qiandai Bang was not ideal. In the joint investigation of the three towns, it was found that domestic sewage was discharged straight into the river in several residential gathering points, which had an impact on the water quality of Qiandai Bang.After many discussions, the three towns agreed that the upstream and downstream must hand in hand, left and right banks co-governance.After jointly issuing the plan, the “two cities and three towns” broke the regional barriers, fought together, jointly built and managed, and established the joint management group of the three towns’ cross-border river channel to further promote the joint remediation of the water environment of the three towns’ cross-border river channel.On November 25 last year, the launching ceremony of the cross-boundary river Road Joint Chiefs system was successfully held at the Qiandai Bang Friendship Bridge.In December, under the consultation of the river chiefs of the three towns, qiandai River was cleaned and cleaned. The dredging work was completed by the end of 2021, and the water quality of the river had been significantly improved.”The smooth dredging work is due to the cooperation mechanism of the three-town joint river chief system.”Hu Dai Town river chief office related person introduced.Up to now, the joint management of the two cities and three towns of cross-border rivers has achieved “one chess game” planning and “one heart” promotion — jointly studying the cross-border river system map and the basic information platform of the river chief system, jointly carrying out river patrol and unannounced visits and other activities.”We are now soliciting opinions widely and stepping up efforts to formulate and improve the 2022 work plan for the Joint River Chief System.”Hu Daizhen ecological governance office executive deputy director Qian Dajiang said.Qian dajiang said that on the basis of the preliminary work of the joint river chief system, the cooperation between the three towns and the river chief system will be “upgraded” again this year. One of the key words is implementation.”In this year’s work, joint cleaning, joint river patrol and joint unannounced visits have been placed in an important position.”Qian proposed to push forward cooperation on the river chief system to a more specific and comprehensive direction.In the past, because there was no specific joint cleaning work cooperation scheme, it was inevitable that there would be repeated work and even buck-passing in the upstream and downstream, left and right banks of cross-border rivers.”We should not only focus on setting macro mechanisms, but also refine solutions to specific problems.”Qian Dajiang said.In addition, in the past, the three towns worked out their own “one river, one policy” plan, which easily resulted in different rhythms of sewage treatment facilities construction and separate river governance.To this end, the joint river chiefs system will focus on promoting the joint implementation of the “One River, one Policy” plan for cross-border rivers this year, urging and guiding neighboring areas to organize the “one River, one Policy” task list for cross-border rivers, and scheduling the implementation of the annual task in real time.In the next step, the three towns will hold a meeting to promote the joint river chief system, jointly discuss the work plan, comprehensively strengthen the co-management and co-governance of cross-border rivers, and constantly improve the appearance of rivers.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: