When the practice of yoga, broke the limitations of the body, beyond the shackles of the psychological, how can?

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What should a yoga master look like?It is hard for me to describe clearly, it is really not met a few yoga masters, can not feel their aura in person.However, I am a critical person, except for those who are recognized as yoga masters, but I will be skeptical of those who claim to be yoga masters, perhaps because of the suspicious nature of human beings.In the seminar, Mr. Mohan told some interesting stories about yoga masters.There are many yoga masters in India, and every time he goes back to India, he visits some of them.One of them was Master Veda, a Himalayan yoga master, who, As Mr. Mohan recalls, was very egalitarian and didn’t feel out of place.This is supposed to look like the real master.Mr. Mohan also told the story of another master.Once, when the master came to Beijing, Mr. Mohan paid him a very formal visit.Later, when Mr. Mohan returned to India, he happened to meet the master at a restaurant for breakfast. He wanted to greet the master and show his respect.Surprisingly, the master didn’t want to talk to him, probably because Master Mohan wasn’t famous at the time and there were several other masters around.Later, Mr. Mohan took his yoga students to India for a yoga study tour. He rented the largest lecture hall in India. By chance, the master was lectured beside him.Hearing this, my jaw dropped. It was obvious that the master was watching people unload dishes, and this change of face was faster than turning the pages of a book.It turned out that the master was only human.In other words, to become a master, he must have made some achievements in practicing Buddhism, but if he stopped practicing Buddhism, he would fall back from being a master to being a mortal.After all, being a master is a lot of rules, but being a mortal is a lot easier.Although we are all mortal, if we can follow the eight branches of yoga, maybe we can live and become gods.Mohan mentioned that most of the gods worshipped in India were born as human beings, followed certain rules of conduct and gradually became gods, such as Buddha.The yogic philosophy will say that everyone has divinity, and the characteristic of god is to be equal, regardless of the color of skin and the country from which they are from, no matter whether they are rich or poor, they will not look at each other, they will not say that they are inferior to me, they will not be subjective, and they will treat others equally.Not sure whether such a requirement is very similar to that in the system of abstinence?In Indian culture, there is brahma, which is to claim oneself by supreme act.In India, life is divided into four stages, 0-25 years old, accumulation stage, 16-25 years old students learn and practice with masters;25 to 50 years old, home stage, pay attention to family life, birth, work, money;Between the ages of 50 and 75, responsibility is transferred to oneself, focus on oneself and devote oneself to spiritual practice;75-100 years old, pure spiritual stage.It’s a life of social responsibility and self-exploration. It’s a life of fulfillment.Compared with this, my life seems to be missing a large part, avoiding the part of social responsibility, so RECENTLY I have been thinking about whether to change a life state.This is the practice of yoga and learning yoga brought me to think, unexpected.For me, becoming a God or reaching Samadhi has never been the goal of my practice of yoga, but I think the real goal of making myself more open-minded, more leisurely, and maintaining a more harmonious relationship with the people around me is something that no one can refuse.In order to become a better version of ourselves, we need to have certain restrictions on our behavior, including necessary yoga practices and observance of the discipline and internal discipline.If you and I have a similar goal, then let’s work together!Yoga, isn’t that amazing?It’s about the body, but it’s not limited by the body;It’s about psychology, but it transcends psychology;It’s about spirituality. What is spirituality?Perhaps the more we practice and learn, the closer we get to the essence of spiritual practice.It is not so ethereal, on the contrary, it can provide a tool for ordinary life.# # yoga